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Agent Kris

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Agent Kris is the resident tomboy. If you have a job that requires a little blood and sweat, she's your gal. If you need to reach her, you can find her at the gym pumping iron getting the guns ready for the show. 

Kris isn't the most inconspicuous woman. If you need her to paint some daisies and write some thank you cards, she's not your girl. But if you need someone to bulldoze through some villains and take a baseball bat to some windows, she'll give you her number.

COLOR: Long Rooted Light Brown/Copper Ombre with Warm Toasted Caramel Ends

STYLE: One layer straight

Agenteur Wigs are made with the highest grade Japanese synthetic hair. We use a proprietary formula to create strands that have an ultra-realistic matte finish, doesn't tangle easily and holds its exclusive styles - even after a wash. 

All sales are final, no returns or exchanges. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
alexandra de la torre
really pretty for my first wig

love it even though it does tangle easily


I loved how the wig was packaged! It looks 100% real and is so soft. The colour and styling is gorgeous.
Thank you for your professional services!

Excellent customer service

After my review of Agent Amara, I was contacted by Silk or Lace and my concerns addressed right away. They offered to send me another one as the one I received seems to have been defective. Very impressed with the customer service and will certainly support this shop again!

Regina Garcia

She was so kind, i love it

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