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Things to Look For When Purchasing Your First Hair Topper on a Tight Budget

Things to Look For When Purchasing Your First Hair Topper on a Tight Budget

High quality, natural looking wigs and hair toppers are a big investment, we won't lie. In order to get a good, quality piece, you'll have to save up (trust us, it's worth it)! When you are ready to make that leap, we want to make sure every penny counts!! 

Good quality hair toppers at the low end will start in the $300 range. They will usually either be monofilament or a silk mesh that covers a 6" or so diameter. 

These pieces are meant as a small coverage/volume piece that is placed on the top of the head.

In general, you will get better value from a boutique brand, such as Toss Hair Collection, but you can also find great deals from larger retail stores and brands.

Here are some examples of hair toppers that are budget-friendly:

Marie 6X7 Silk Mesh Topper, Toss Hair Collection - $325.00

Marie 6X7 Silk Mesh TopperMarie 6X7 Silk Mesh Topper


6"x7" Bella Remy Human Hair Silk Mesh Topper - $559.00

hair topper silk mesh

hair topper silk mesh


Another way to find good quality hair pieces on a budget is to consider synthetic hair. If you choose a good brand, synthetic hair can look very realistic and almost undetectable to the naked eye!

Jon Renau makes high quality synthetic hair pieces, such as the hair topper below:


Jon Renau easiPart HD XL 18" Hair Topper (Synthetic Hair) - $215.25

hair topper easipart HD XL Jon RenauJon Renau Easipart HD XL


Ways to Score Some Deals

If you are looking to spend a little more, you may be able to start looking at hair toppers with wefted backs that give you a little more coverage and better fit to secure around your head. 

High quality pieces with this construction are usually around $700, but there are some ways you can score some deals! 


Find used wigs and hair toppers on Instagram

Trading Tresses, which was started by a group of women with hair loss, is truly a hidden gem for hair pieces. Almost all the pieces are new/lightly used with discounts from top quality brands!

buy used wigs and hair toppers here


There are many avenues and choices available when it comes to buying budget, but still high quality hair toppers. 

Keep in mind though that there are always tradeoffs. If there is a hair company that offers high end construction (such as a wefted back) for budget price, there is a high chance that you are sacrificing on hair quality.

If a company promises everything, chances are that it is false hope!! Don't be afraid to reach out to companies directly for actual customer reviews (or even social media contacts if other customers are willing) for more information.

If there are any questions or resources you'd like to ask us about, email us anytime at contact@silkorlace.com!!































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