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Agent Cierra Lace Top Wig


55 reviews

Roll out the red carpet, it's *Cierra*

Who doesn't know Cierra? Rumor is that she came out the womb with perfect hair and a duck face ready for her shot to be taken. She lives for the camera, even the surveillance ones that she'll strike a pose for as she sprints through the room completing the mission.

COLOR: Warm light caramel brunette with dark brown melted root

STYLE: Straight Bombshell Blowout with Rounded Ends and Curtain Bangs

CONSTRUCTION: 2x4 in. lace top, multidirectional parting with open wefted back for breathability and flexibility in fit

SIZING: One size, fits circumference 21-23" (with strap adjustment) 

LENGTH: 22", Bangs: 6" - 7"

OTHER: Lace front comes uncut.

Agenteur Lace Top Wigs are made with the highest grade Japanese synthetic hair. Made to mimic human hair, it is the most matte finish you will see with synthetic hair with a heat resistance up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be blow-dried. 

We use a proprietary formula to create hair that feels like human strands to the touch, doesn't tangle easily, and holds Agenteur's exclusive styles - even after a wash.

Any alterations requested are considered final sale, including changing the hair part and cutting the lace. All lace top sales have a $30 flat rate return fee  - 3 day return window still applies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Laura S
Beautiful and well made, but should have gotten Lace Top

I bought this wig for my granddaughter who has Alopecia Areata. She is 17 and sometimes her hair grows in, and other times she has large bald spots. Right now she has massive bald spots. I tried to talk her into one of the lace top wigs, but she really liked the look of the Agent Cristina Silk top. While it is beautifully made, she has to artfully place it or it just looks like a wig, because of the hairline. She has tried to put it in a loose ponytail, which looks terrible. It looks best if she can pull some of her own hair out of the front, but it bothers her that her hair doesn't match perfectly with the color of the wig. I think it looks better that way, but she has to feel good about it. It also makes her head really hot! I'm sure that would be the case with any wig, it will take some getting used to. She has a small head, so we have to make it as small as it will go, which makes it bunch up. You can't tell by looking at it, but she doesn't like the bumps she can feel on the back of her head, which make her self-conscious, even though we keep telling her you can't see the bunches and bumps. Since her head is small, when she pulls the wig back to her hairline, the wig wants to slide off. I think we need to get her a grippy headband, but again, since her head is small, I'm wondering if the headband will stay in place. She has two weddings coming up, and she is a bridesmaid in one of them, the other is her aunt's (my daughter's), so I'm hoping we can figure this out so she feels confident and like the beautiful young woman she is, whether she has hair or not. Neither her mom nor I can afford to buy her another wig. I wanted to take a photo of her in the wig for this review, but she didn't want me to.

Marloes Roos
Cierra Lace top

Really nice color blond with dark roots. The cap is a bit big even with the adjustable strings so had to cut off some hair a bit above the ear. But overal quite happy

Melissa Bilotta
Agent Gigi… WOW

I’ve been wearing wigs for 32 years due to alopecia universalis. This is my first wig from Silk or Lace, and I am very impressed! Packaging was adorable, and I love the wig! I’m partial to human hair wigs, and I must say that for a synthetic piece she is just fabulous! The hairline and scalp area are beautifully done. She’s very lightweight, and the hair feels natural…. Not “wiggy” at all. A gorgeous sandy/darker blonde blending out to lighter blonde tips/ends. She’s a stunner…and this was straight out of the box!!! All I did was cut off the lace and popped her onto my head, no glue, no tape… nothing!!! I did not even brush her yet! She gets a 10/10 from me! 👍🤩😍

Amy Sullivan
Love it!

Love my wig. Still working to get it as natural as I can make it.

Lindsey Jackson
Agent Brooklyn -Overpriced

This is Amazon quality wig. I do like the density and the packaging but the color is horrible ashy, it looks like a brown/gray. Quality is that of a $25 Amazon wig. Packaging is cute. This wig is NOT worth $200.