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Agent Bea Silk Top Wig


Operation smooth called for Agent Bea. She's the sexy one that will tempt any man to give it all up just for her. When Bea turns it on, you know it's on. Maybe you'll get to taste a little bit of her, but come morning time, she'll be gone.

The mission is covert. Seducing is a means to an end. While you'll remember her touch forever, Bea's already on her next job. 

COLOR: Ash Brown Rooted Ombre with Dark Ash/Beige Ends

STYLE: Signature loose waves

CONSTRUCTION: Machine made silk top, center parting only

SIZING: One size, fits circumference 21-23" (with strap adjustment) 

Agenteur Silk Top Wigs are made with high grade Japanese synthetic hair. We use a proprietary formula to create strands that have a realistic matte finish, doesn't tangle easily and holds its exclusive styles - even after a wash.

Any alterations requested are considered final sale, including changing the hair part and cutting the lace. All silk top sales have a $20 flat rate return fee  - 3 day return window still applies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Wig Piper

I love this wig. Looks very realistic and it has the perfect density of hair where it actually feels natural! Its a amidge shiny but not bad. I love it

Rosie Fernandez
Alter Ego

I am new to the alternative hair world but loving it! Agent Imani gives me the perfect fun length and slightly different color than I’m used to. She’s easy to wear and looks great!

Lorena Calderon
Checks all the boxes

Miko definitely checks all the boxes. Stunning color, gorgeous cut, perfect density and easy to wear in versatile styles!

Lorena Calderon
Inspo hair goals

Loved the beautiful color on this piece. The density is just right. Ultra comfortable cap! I’m on the smaller side so this felt a little big on me and the knots on the partline and hairline needed concealing. However, for the price and quality of this hair it’s a steal. Texture of hair feels just like human hair!

Cristina Ruggiero
Didn’t expect to like it as much as I do!

I was kind of skeptical of this wig, like- I’m a middle-aged fat lady with short curly brown hair, am I really going to pull off a long blonde blowout of glamourrrr? AND YET I DO PULL IT OFF, because such is the magic of Agent Cierra. Some people look amazing no matter what wig they throw on. In contrast, I have a nearly un-wig-able face. But somehow, Cierra looks at home on my head! I’m excited, my 5-year-old is excited, summer is coming, I’m now blonde, it’s a vibe.

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