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Agent Arya Lace Top Wig


Agent Arya is that quirky girl who told funny jokes in class that always went just a little too far. She'd always say she was teasing when she told you about the things she stole from the jewelry store, but sometimes you wonder if there's a little truth behind that smirk of hers.. 

The mission is simple. Take on the heist at night, and then tell all your friends about all the cool shit you found. Haha, jk..   

COLOR: Dark Warm Brown Root with Streaky Light Platinum Blonde Highlights 

STYLE: Straight Bombshell Blowout with Rounded Ends and Curtain Bangs

CONSTRUCTION: 2x4 in. lace top, multidirectional parting with open wefted back for breathability and flexibility in fit

SIZING: One size, fits circumference 21-23" (with strap adjustment) 

LENGTH: 22", Bangs: 6" - 7"

OTHER: Lace front comes uncut.

Agenteur Lace Top Wigs are made with the highest grade Japanese synthetic hair. Made to mimic human hair, it is the most matte finish you will see with synthetic hair with a heat resistance up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be blow-dried. 

We use a proprietary formula to create hair that feels like human strands to the touch, doesn't tangle easily, and holds Agenteur's exclusive styles - even after a wash.

Any alterations requested are considered final sale, including changing the hair part and cutting the lace. All lace top sales have a $30 flat rate return fee  - 3 day return window still applies. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Chris Knight
Agent Aspen

The fibers are absolutely beautiful, the most comfortable wig I have ever worn, breathable and doesn’t get hot. The coloring is amazing too, and it does look and feel very realistic, however the wig is so thin, and if you part it or move it a certain way you can see the wefts…I messed with it for a little and it looked okay but it started shedding and you could see the wefts even MORE. I wish the outcome would have been different because for $200 I was expecting a lot more. :(

Agent Christina

For a moderately priced synthetic wig this unit isn’t bad at all. The cut is great, the color is great, and the synthetic fibers are great. My only complaint is the “silk” top is the typical piece of plastic you get from wigs on Amazon…not truly a silk top. This definitely isn’t a shake and go sort of wig. There’s lots of customizing you have to do to the hairline but that’s to be expected. All in all it’s a good value.

Lacee C

The front has a really weird bald spot

Amy Harmeyer

Hate the DARK ROOTS ! I don’t want 2 look like I need my hair colored

Jennifer Petersen
Agent Cierra

I was so happy to get her after the restock! I had to change her part and straighten the bangs a bit (she looked waaaaay too wiggy right out of the box), but I love her color, natural density and she's soooo lightweight! After some customization, Agent Cierra is a winner!

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