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Agent Gigi Lace Top Wig


You might have spotted Gigi in your high school yearbook. She was voted "Most Likely to Succeed." She was valedictorian, soccer captain, and Volunteer of the Year - 3 years in a row. She's every mom's favorite and in fact, in the last PTA meeting, you could even hear the teachers talking about how she got into not one, but all of the ivy leagues. 

Her cute little freckles make everyone fall in love with her. They're so distracted at looking at her soft, perfect hair that they don't even notice the school's prized gold bust of its dear founder, gone. 

The mission is executed with perfection. You don't see Gigi making any mistakes. The gold statue will go nicely with Harvard's dorm decor. 

COLOR: Sandy/Ashy medium blonde with light golden blonde ends 


Loose beachy waves with subtle face framing layers

CONSTRUCTION: 2x4 in. lace top, multidirectional parting with close wefted back. Wefted section is thin and lightweight for a snug, comfortable fit and breathability.

SIZING: One size, fits circumference 21-23" (with strap adjustment) 


OTHER: Lace front comes uncut.

Agenteur Lace Top Wigs are made with the highest grade Japanese synthetic hair. Made to mimic human hair, it is the most matte finish you will see with synthetic hair with a heat resistance up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be blow-dried. 

We use a proprietary formula to create hair that feels like human strands to the touch, doesn't tangle easily, and holds Agenteur's exclusive styles - even after a wash.

Any alterations requested are considered final sale, including changing the hair part and cutting the lace. All lace top sales have a $30 flat rate return fee  - 3 day return window still applies. 

Customer Reviews

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Chris Knight
Beautiful solution! Agent Aspen

A few weeks back I ordered Agent Aspen, and was disappointed because she seemed thin and wefting could be seen. Well, customer service reached out to me and we discussed everything, and they sent me a replacement with a slightly higher density because I tend to like thicker hair because my real hair is pretty thick. When I TELL you, this wig is absolute PERFECTION. The wig is the perfect density, not a single weft in sight, and the top of the wig and the wig in general is much fuller. I am VERY satisfied. I am so happy that this situation was resolved. Thank you to Zoey, the lovely person I spoke with. She reached out and sorted everything out so quickly and listened to every detail I had to say! It was definitely worth the wait!

Agent Imani

A little flat at the front, but otherwise this is a great wig.

Agent Christina

For a moderately priced synthetic wig this unit isn’t bad at all. The cut is great, the color is great, and the synthetic fibers are great. My only complaint is the “silk” top is the typical piece of plastic you get from wigs on Amazon…not truly a silk top. This definitely isn’t a shake and go sort of wig. There’s lots of customizing you have to do to the hairline but that’s to be expected. All in all it’s a good value.

Lacee C

The front has a really weird bald spot

Amy Harmeyer

Hate the DARK ROOTS ! I don’t want 2 look like I need my hair colored

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