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The Wig Stand

$56 $72

Bought a crappy wig stand that's flimsy, uneven, and broke after a few uses? Yea, same.

We're not sure why it's so hard to make a good wig stand, but made it our job to find one. After testing out numerous ones, we've found one we can stand by (no pun intended). 

  • Black, Sturdy, Stable Tripod Wig Head Stand.
  • Comes assembled and has adjustable height (can range from 35.5-70" length)
  • Long 19" tripod legs for additional stability, thick diameter (this is important!)
  • 360 rotating stainless steel head, 0.8 in ball will fit most canvas heads.
  • Stainless steel bolt attachment with 4 areas to secure on tripod
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • Comes with travel-friendly case (32" length)



Can I use this stand for both wigs and toppers?


Are these compatible with the wig heads you carry?

Yes, this is compatible with all the sizes (21", 22" and 23").

What is your return policy for this item?

All accessories are final sale. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jani K
Gorgeous Wig

This wig is beautiful, natural and perfect!! Well worth every penny! Doing hair for actors this is an absolute must have!!

Kori Hendricks
All I've ever wanted!

It arrived and she is so beautiful! The wig is perfect for me! ! The hair line is top notch. The density is light and natural. the quality of hair is so soft. I'm very impressed. I've owned 3 other very expensive and 1 custom made wig and none of them compare to this!

The cap is so comfortable and I really like the silicone lined strap. I don't have to use a wig grip with the clips. It's perfect!

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