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Amela - 15" Remy, Virgin, European Human Hair Topper

Amela is a naturally stunning brunette! She is almost the same as the Erin topper from The Lucie Collection; the only difference is the Amela topper has a darker shade of brown as low lights. Breathable, secure, voluminous, rich, luscious... I could go on! The toppers in the spring/summer collection are all Virgin, Remy European Hair; which means, each individual piece was created with the hair from one individual donor per topper, making the hair that much more cohesive! Upon arrival to the factory, which has extremely strict guidelines, none of the donor hair could have ever been processed. This ensures the quality, softness, and longevity of the hair. To achieve the custom colours shown, the factory uses a damage-free solution to lift the original colour from the hair and then custom colour the hair to serve you. In the hair's lifetime, it's only been coloured for YOU! This is important as it helps you understand the high quality you're getting from these pieces and the longevity they have. How to care for your topper: Wash in cold water, using hydrating shampoo and condition, after 7-10 wears (or so). Do not brush when wet. Lay on a towel to dry. Once it's slightly damp, add Moroccan Argan Oil to the hair and let air-dry or style with blow dryer. Use styling tools on lower heat (approx 280ºF - 355ºF). Rule of thumb: with real hair, always think "hydration, hydration, hydration." Cap Construction: Monofilament, Wefting and PU Lining Clips: 5 Measurement: 6.5"/6.25"

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Just received it and so happy I order this one. It's natural looking in color and very comfortable to wear. Great quality to. Great customer service 👏


Great hair, looks extremely natural. Lay flat. Highly recommend.
Silk or lace provides fast shipping, excellent communication. Great service and product overall.

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