Wigs by Tiffani

Wigs by Tiffani Wig, "Honey" (R648)

$599 $950

Type: Wig

Brand: Wigs by Tiffani

Color: Honey medium brown

Length: 18" length

Cap Size: Medium (fits 21.5-22.25” circumference)

Top Type: Lace Top

, multidirectional parting

Cap Material: Wefted

Hair Type/Origin: Brazilian

Hair Texture: Dries Straight

Condition: Lightly loved, worn a few times.  

Other: Medium-light density. Knots are bleached and plucked throughout. Lace is cut. Purchased secondhand. 

There is a small tear on the lace top that was repaired by the Wigs by Tiffani team (see photos). The hairline throughout the wig overall is plucked generously in order to achieve a lighter density. 

Note: the original name of this wig is not "Honey", we just thought it was the appropriate name :) 


Resell : Silk or Lace Return Policy - please read in full before purchasing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vanessa Versace
10 out of 10

Wigs By Tiffani is the way to go when it comes to gorgeous, natural looking wigs. I own 4 wigs by her and I absolutely love them. I had to give this one up, but she is a beauty!! The pictures are spot on this piece is gorgeous!!

michelle bradford
Disgusted: Buyer Beware

Sold me a Wigs By Tiffani wig with patches of hair missing and the damage was not disclosed on website. Now won’t refund me for wig, and the damaged wig is back up for sale with no disclosure about the bald spots, including one very visible spot at the hairline. BEWARE

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