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4 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands on Sale: Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection!

4 High Quality Human Hair Wig Brands on Sale: Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection!

Follea, Highline Wigs, Lusta Hair and Madison Hair Collection are common brands that we stock in our lightly worn collection. From high quality lace front human hair wigs to the best hair toppers for thinning hair, you can find anything you are looking for! 

Through our resell market, you can purchase lightly worn wigs and toppers in great condition from your favorite hair brands for a fraction of the original price. 

Follea - Daniel Alain

The Daniel Alain company is known for many things, but one of their most popular items are their Follea 100% European Human Hair wigs. Made with one of the lightest density hair textures, European, they mirror a thinner hair feel and have a soft, silky texture.

follea wigs - follea european wigs - european human hair wigs - best human hair wigs

Follea not only makes luxury wigs, but they also craft European hair toppers for anyone who is looking to blend their natural hair into their hairpiece. 

follea hair topper - high quality hair topper - best hair topper for thinning hair - thinning hair solutions

Highline Wigs (Toppers by Sharon)

Highline Wigs, based in New York, makes a variety of hairpiece products like: mini and regular silk top hair toppers, human hair lace wigs, silk top wigs and pony toppers. 

 highline wigs - toppers by sharon - human hair lace wigs - human hair silk toppers

Though they have a vast list of hairpieces we most commonly stock their silk hair toppers, a product they are well known for. Their toppers come in a variety of sizes from 5x6 all the way up to a 12x12! Each silk hair topper features a custom cut and color by the Highline team, unless labeled otherwise. 


Lusta Hair 

Lusta Hair, like Highline wigs, carries a variety of human hair wig products

lusta hair - lusta toppers - lusta wig - lusta human hair wigs

The Lusta essentials wig, a silk top cap construction that comes either with or without a lace front. Next, the Lusta game changer wig, which boasts a multi-directional parting, hyper-realistic plucked hairline, and exclusive silicone lining to make sure your hair stays perfectly in place all day long. The silicone lining on their game changer wig makes this an ideal wig for balding women, but anyone can wear it! 


Madison Hair Collection

As do all of the hair brands we've covered, Madison Hair Collection carries many types of hair pieces. However they are known for their Comfort Cap wigs, which is also the line that we stock the most in our lightly worn, discounted section! 

madison hair collection - madison wigs - comfort cap wigs - silicone lined wigs

The Madison Comfort Cap features a cap made from ultra soft fabric, silicone lining on the ear tabs, crown and nape, and silk lining on the top of the cap. Truly a luxurious construction! 


When it comes to finding the "perfect" hairpiece, the options are endless! Our Resell: Silk or Lace section is the best place to shop across brands all while being able to compare cap constructions, hair styles and grab a luxury human hair wig or hair topper at a discounted price! 


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