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Book a Free Wig or Hair Topper Consult With Us

We offer free consultations, both in-person and virtual in order to help you find a natural looking, comfortable wig or hair topper that looks like your own hair.

Whether you’re a first time wearer and know nothing about hair pieces or a wig/topper expert with a question about a specific piece, we are here to help answer your questions!

Below are 2 different ways you can connect with us:

In-Person Consultation 

This consultation is a 45 minute in-person consultation in our office in Plano, Texas. When you come in, you can try on up to 5 hairpieces that you are interested in from our current inventory. You will be guided by our staff to help you find the best fit, style and construction for your hair needs! 

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Virtual Education Session 

This consultation is a 30 minute session aimed at helping you figure out what hairpiece would work best for you in your hair journey at this time. We recommend this consultation for beginners who are seeking more information about hairpieces, hair loss or have other general hair questions. 

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