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How to Measure Your Head for a Wig or Hair Topper

How to Measure Your Head for a Wig or Hair Topper

There may be slight differences in how each brand measures their wig and/or hair toppers, but here is the general way you can make sure you are getting the right fit:


1. Take a flexible tape measurer and start from the hairline at the center of your head.

2. Wrap the tape measurer around to the nape of your head then back around until you reach the center of your hairline again.

Note: How tight you measure this circumference depends on your preference on how tight you want your wig to be! We recommend this to be snug, but not too tight as to give you a headache. 

Keep in mind if you are planning to wear a wig grip or wig cap, you should take the circumference measurement while wearing these accessories as it will change your circumference measurement! 

how to measure your head for a wig


Hair Toppers

1. Take a flexible tape measurer and measure side to side up until the point where your head starts to curve. This is your 1st measurement. 

2. Then, measure from front to back, starting from your hairline to the back of your head starts to curve back. This is your 2nd measurement.

3. Put these measurements together for your ideal topper size:

[1st measurement in inches x 2nd measurement in inches] 

Tip: For each measurement, make sure you have enough hair for clips to snap in that area. If hair is sparse, increase the measurement (i.e. move the measuring tape down) until you have reached an area where you have healthy hair. 

If you do not have healthy hair in the majority of your scalp for clips to clip in to, we recommend considering a wig for comfort!

how to measure your head for a hair topper


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