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Our Commitment to Sustainability

a letter from our founder, Suran Yoo

Our mission at Silk or Lace is to make high quality hair pieces more accessible to women. One part of this is via our Lightly Worn section, a place where we help women consign their pre-loved pieces and find another person who will love and wear them. This is one part of our efforts in furthering the life of a human hair wig, one that a person somewhere in the world spent months and months both growing hair from which a beautiful hairpiece was created. 

Our lightly worn pieces which have often only been worn a few times have a lot of life left in them. They are individually inspected in-house by our experts and listed with the utmost detail and care into the condition and story behind each piece. We love connecting with our sellers to learn as much as possible on why they are selling the piece, how long they have had the piece for, and what makes this wig or hair topper so very special. 

A more sustainable wig and hairpiece industry means that we truly embrace what this industry needs to be - slow. 

It takes a month for one inch to grow and that means that we take care of each wig like it was our hair growing out of our own heads. We purchase each and every wig with care and when we are ready to move on, we find a way to lengthen the life of the hair piece by donating, selling, and/or repairing the wig or hair topper. 

We want you to love our hair pieces for a long time. That is our goal. 

While wigs and hair toppers do have a natural life cycle (lace tops have a shorter life span compared to silk tops), there are a lot of ways we can care for and repair a piece for longer wear. 

Please do your research and check out our resources on how to take care of a human hair piece. 

If you have purchased an SLC piece with us and are interested in repairing/restoring the hair piece, please email us at contact@silkorlace.com

We are committed to operating our business to make a positive impact on the wig industry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, social media, or our website! 

Thank you so much for your continued support and trust in Silk or Lace!


Suran Yoo