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How to Measure Your Head for a Wig or Topper for Resell Silk or Lace Pieces

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Size Wig or Topper for You

How to Measure Your Wig Size

  1. Head Circumference

The first and most common measurement to gauge wig size is the circumference of your head. This measurement is to help you understand how snugly or loosely the wig might fit you.

To take this measurement, start at the top of your forehead or natural hairline and, wrapping down the side of your head behind your ears, place the measuring tape around the base of your skull.

Continue to wrap the tape back up on the opposite side of your head and complete the measurement as the tape reaches the starting point.

If you are planning to wear a wig cap or wig grip while wearing your hair piece, take your circumference measurement with these accessories on so you can take the most accurate measurement.

Tip: Use a soft measuring tape to get the most accurate measurements.

wig circumference how to measure

  1. Forehead to Nape Measurement

The second measurement is your forehead-to-nape. This is important for determining where your wig’s hairline will sit.

Start from the very edge of your natural hairline (or wherever you want your forehead to start)  and measure backward down the middle of the top of your head and stop at the nape of the neck. The nape of the neck is located where the base of your skull curves inwards and your neck begins. 

wig measurement

  1. Ear to Ear Measurement

The third measurement for your wig size is your ear to ear  length. This measurement is, at least partially, for you to understand exactly where the ear tabs of your wig might sit.

To take this measurement, start at the side of your ear parallel to your temple and wrap the measurement firmly around your hairline, finishing the measurement on the direct opposite side of the ear parallel to your temple.

how to measure your head for a wig


How to Choose the Right Size Wig for You

So, you take your measurements perfectly, get your wig and it still doesn’t fit exactly how you want. Don’t panic! Here are a few more things to consider before choosing your size. 

How snug you want your wig to fit

Most people are between sizes, which means you may have to consider whether you would prefer your wig to fit on the snugger or looser side. If you prefer a snug fit, you may want to consider opting for a smaller size. 

However, if you are going to wear a wig grip or you have a lot of your own hair underneath the wig, you may want to consider opting for a larger size.

Where you would like the hairline and ear tabs to sit

Some people prefer to bring the hairline further down, some prefer it further back. When taking your forehead-to-nape measurement for your wig, consider measuring from where you would like the hairline of your wig to sit, particularly if it’s different from your natural hairline. 

Similarly, if you have a preference for where the ear tabs will sit, make sure to measure your ear to ear length from this exact placement to compare to the measurements in our listings. This way you will have a more accurate representation of where the wig will sit beforehand and if you’re happy with its placement prior to purchasing.


How to Measure Your Hair Topper Size

When measuring your hair topper base size, it’s important to note three things: 

  • Measurement from one side to the other side across your crown 
  • Measurement from your natural hairline to the back of your crown
  • Size and scope of your areas of hair thinning and balding

When you see a topper sizing (e.g. 8x9 top), it will be (side to side measurement x top to back measurement). 

1. Side to Side Measurement

To measure your crown from side to side, place the tape across the middle of your crown. The measuring tape should be in line with the ear lower down on the side of the head.

Begin the measurement from where your head begins to curve down, and measure across the length of the crown to the opposite side in the same placement.

hair topper measurement

2. Top to Back Measurement

To measure from your hairline to the back of your crown, place the edge of the tape against your natural hairline and measure backwards across the top of her head.

The measurement should stop just behind your crown, where the shape of your head begins to curve downward.

how to measure for a hair topper

If you have areas of thinning hair or balding beyond these measurements, you may want to consider extending measurements further. This is because these measurements are used not only for the size of your head, but also to estimate where the hair topper’s clips will be placed. 

If your hair is sparse in the areas where clips will be, this could lead to traction alopecia and tension headaches. The more hair that clips have to grip onto, the less likely this is to occur.


How to Choose the Right Size Hair Topper for You

With hair toppers, you have a little more wiggle room in terms of sizing because they clip onto your crown, rather than covering your entire head. However, there are still some things to consider when taking your measurements and selecting your hair topper base size.

How far or close you’ll want the topper to sit from your hairline

Whether you prefer the topper to sit further away from your hairline or right up against it, you may want to consider measuring from where exactly you’ll be placing it. That way, you’ll know where the clips and combs will sit more accurately and choose the best hair topper base size for you.

If your hair is a different shade or length

If you have dark blonde hair and your topper is a lighter shade, or your natural hair is much shorter than your hair topper, you may want to consider a larger base size. A larger base size can allow for fuller coverage, making transitions between different shades and hair lengths less obvious and more manageable to blend and conceal.


How to measure the Length of Your Wig or Hair Topper

The length of a hair piece can look totally different on one person versus another. When purchasing a new wig or hair topper, you may want to consider measuring where exactly the length of the hair piece will fall on you.

At Silk or Lace, we measure our hair length by taking one measurement four inches from the front edge of the hair piece's hairline (this is roughly the crown of the head) directly down to the ends at the back.

If a piece is layered at the front or has bangs, we take those measurements from the center parting down the side to the ends of the face framing pieces. 


Individual brands on Silk or Lace may have different techniques, so it’s important to also check specifically with that brand on how they measure their hair lengths. 

While wig or topper size guides can help you measure and determine what size might be right for you, how different people prefer their hair pieces to fit is truly subjective. 

However, keeping in mind our tips above, you will have a better understanding of how to take your measurements so that you can understand beforehand how a piece may fit you and if you will be happy with it!


Questions? Email us at contact@silkorlace.com or fill out our form to schedule a free consultation!