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Can you put your wig in a ponytail? Yes! | 3 easy summer styles for your wig

Can you put your wig in a ponytail? Yes! | 3 easy summer styles for your wig

With the summer heat still going strong, you may find yourself feeling extra toasty in your wig. Which begs the question: can you put your wig into a ponytail?

The short answer: YES!

The long answer: Yes, but the cap construction of your wig will make a difference to the types of ponytails, buns, and updos you can do. For a higher ponytail, it’s better to wear a wig specifically for the purpose of being put up, like ponytail wigs or active wigs. However, all wigs can be put into an updo with the right style and prep.

Before we begin showing you how to put your wig into an updo, make sure your wig is secured to your liking. Updos for your wig will work best with a snug fitting cap. I personally like to glue the lace front down and wear a wig grip for extra security! You will also want to brush through your hairpiece to get rid of any tangles prior to styling.


SUMMER WIG STYLE ONE: Inverted Tucked Ponytail

Ponytail Style on a Wig

For this wig-friendly ponytail, you will need three hair ties. I’m using one larger hair tie and two small elastics. You may also want to have some bobby pins on hand, in case you need to secure away any fly-aways.

To begin, separate the hair of your wig into three sections. The two side sections should be equal in size to each other, and the back should be the largest section.

Styling a ponytail wig step 1

Secure the back section of your wig into a ponytail at your desired height. I prefer a low ponytail for the wig I’m using.

Styling ponytail wig step 2

Next, measure the length of hair of your two side sections against where the back ponytail is secured. Where the hair reaches on the base of the ponytail is where you will secure the elastics on these two side sections.

Styling a ponytail wig step 4


Once the two side sections of your wig are secured into ponytails, you will take the end of the ponytail and flip it through and over itself in the space above the elastic. Repeat on both sides.

Styling ponytail wig step 6

Next, you will take one of the inverted smaller ponytails and wrap it around the larger back ponytail of your wig, pulling the larger ponytail gently through the space of the side sections. Repeat this process with the other side.

Styling ponytail wig step 7

The elastics should be hidden inside the hair of the wig. Should any flyaways occur on your wig, tuck these away using bobby pins. I personally like a couple of face framing pieces at the front to complete the updo!



Putting a wig in a bun step 1

For this bun updo style for your wig, you will need two larger hair ties and plenty of bobby pins (especially if your wig has layers like mine).

To start this updo style, separate the top section of your wig and secure it with a hair tie into a small ponytail.

Putting a wig in a bun step 1

Putting a wig in a bun step 1

Next, flip the ponytail over itself to create an inverted pony. Pull gently on the side twists of the inverted ponytail to create volume.

Putting a wig in a bun step 2

With the bottom section of the wig, create a messy bun by folding the ponytail over or under itself and securing it with a hair tie.

Putting a wig in a bun step 3

Putting a wig in a bun step 3

Putting a wig in a bun step 3

Next, take the loose end of hair from the bun and wrap them round the hair tie securing the bun. Pin them in place using bobby pins and secure away any flyaways.

Putting a wig in a bun step 4

Putting a wig in a bun step 4

Putting a wig in a bun step 4

If the elastic is still visible, pull gently on the hair. I personally like to pull here and there on the hair because I like a messy, romantic look, but if you prefer something neater and more sleek, you can leave the bun as is.

Wig in a bun updo style

Wig in a bun updo style

Wig in a bun updo style


SUMMER WIG STYLE THREE: French Twist Ponytail

Wig in a french twist ponytail

For this final ponytail hairstyle for your wig, you will need a hair tie and bobby pins.

First, you will want to section off the top part of your wig and divide it into two. Next, twist these two sections around each other in one direction. Hold firmly.

While holding this first twist tightly, take another section from one side of your wig and place it over the twist. Hold together firmly. Take a section from the opposite side and add it to the twist. Twisting in the same direction, twist the new sections of hair into the original twist.

Repeat this process until you reach the base of your wig and you have one ponytail. Hold the ponytail firmly and secure it tightly with a hair tie. 

Once the twist is secured, you can either take a small strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it, or you can take a hair accessory of your choice.

So, can you put your wig into a ponytail or a bun? With this step-by-step guide, of course you can! What are your favorite summer updos that you use to keep cool in your wig? Let us know in the comments below!


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