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How To Find The Perfect Blonde Wig [Color Swatch Comparison]

How To Find The Perfect Blonde Wig [Color Swatch Comparison]

Finding your perfect shade of blonde is a euphoric feeling.

However the journey to the right hue of blonde can be a confusing one.

So let’s break down the differences between warm tone and cool toned blondes!


Wigs have a numerical grading scale of color. Knowing the scale can help you target what color number range you need to look for to find your perfect shade.

Wig Color Scale: 

Black: 1 – 1b

Brunette: 2 - 12

Blonde: 14 - 26

Platinum: 96 – 2613 & 613

Grey: 44 - 60

Natural Looking Reds: 27 – 33 

Fiery Reds: 130 – 134

Now that you know the color scale, let’s take a closer look at the blondes.

The 613

It is important to note that the 613 blonde color is a straight bleached piece. It has a yellowish golden tint to it and is most commonly purchased by wig makers to custom dye to a different color. 

silk or lace - blonde wig for sale - 613 wig - best blonde wigs - blonde human hair wig

In the picture above you can see a 613 swatch, compared to a piece that has been dyed and toned from an original 613 piece.

Toning helps to release the brassiness from ones hair, and is most commonly used on lighter colors.

Warm Blonde Vs. Cool Blonde

Hair colorists place blondes in to three separate categories: warm, neutral and cool.

Warm tones can be described as your strawberry blondes or golden honey shades. Cool toned blondes are the platinum icy shades, and the neutral blondes fall somewhere in between.

silk or lace - warm vs cool toned blonde wig - silk or lace - blonde wig for sale - 613 wig - best blonde wigs - blonde human hair wig

Here you can see the warm tone blonde on the left and the cool toned blonde on the right. In the warm tone hairpiece you can see the honey golden blend that shines through, whereas the cool toned is more of an overall icy shade.

Finding The Right Blonde For You

When it comes to finding the right blonde for you, it all comes down to preference. However you generally want a bit of contrast from your skin tone.

If you have a pale complexion, warm blondes are going to bring some color into your look. If you have an olive undertone to your skin, platinum or icy blonde will give your look a stark contrast that will make everyone do a double take.

If you’re feeling a bit like you don’t fall on either side of the spectrum, you can never go wrong with a good mix. Incorporating both cool and warm blonde tones will give you a very balanced and chic look!


Now that you’re a blonde tone expert, it’s time to live your Elle Woods fantasy…

silk or lace - blonde wig for sale - 613 wig - best blonde wigs - blonde human hair wig - legally blonde


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