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How To Sell My Wig or Topper Online

How To Sell My Wig or Topper Online

That tingly feeling you get inside when you receive a new hairpiece can’t be beat. 

It’s like Christmas morning.

But what happens when you decide that the piece isn’t your perfect match? You resell through Resell: Silk or Lace!  

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What is Resell : Silk or Lace

Resell : Silk or Lace is a platform on Silkorlace.com that enables those looking to sell their gently used wigs and hair toppers to connect with buyers via a consignment model. 

Consignment is an agreement in which a business agrees to pay a seller for the merchandise they provided after the item sells for a percentage of the profit. 

In plain English – if you have an item you want to sell, you give it to us to do all of the listing, business negotiating, and fulfillment. Once it’s sold, you get a percentage of the money made. 

It’s a great way to sell items that no longer serve you without having to go through all the hassle of creating an online listing yourself, communicating with the customer, packaging and shipping the piece once it’s sold.

Think of us like "The Real Real" for wigs, which enables sellers to sell gently worn luxury clothing, handbags, and accessories, or thredUP, and online thrift store to sell used clothing. 

At our luxury wig and topper company Silk or Lace, we understand the hair journey and it’s complexities so we want to help you the best we can. That’s why we created an easy to use, stress free way to resell your hair.

With our services, you benefit from a secure payment platform, hundreds of views of your product each day, as well as professional photos of your piece to give it the best chance to sell!


How to sell on Resell : Silk or Lace

We accept a wide range of brands including but not limited to: 

Dejaco Hair, Ethereal, Flox Hair, Freedom Couture, Hairalicious, The Hair Mama, Highline Wigs, Lavish Locs, Lu’s Wigs, Lusta Hair, Madison Wigs, Mckenna Wigs, Milano Collection, Rediscover Hair, Sai Stylez, Sayar Wigs, Serenity Wigs & Toppers, Toss Hair Collection, Wigs by Tiffani and Wildflower Hair.


Here is our process:

1. Application  

  • You fill out an application form with your name, email, PayPal, mailing address, what kind of hairpiece you have, the condition it is in, your pricing and include pictures. 
  • Once your form has been sent in, we will let you know within 48 hours if your piece is approved for listing. 

2. Item Processing 

  • Once your gently used hair piece is approved and shipped to us, your work is done!
  • We take high quality pictures and videos of your product and list all the information so that it shows up on our site, on our social media platforms, and in search engine results.

3. Your item sold! 

  • Congratulations! Your piece has sold on Resell: Silk or Lace! 
  • Once it has sold, your piece will be delivered to the customer. The customer then has 3 days to decide whether she or he will keep the piece. 
  • If the customer decides to keep the piece, we will notify you via email and reimburse you via the Paypal email that you provided to us in your application. 
  • If the customer decides to return, we will send the customer a return label, inspect it upon return, and re-list the piece onto our site and social media platforms!

4. Your payout

  • Let me break down our commission structure for you.

We charge 15% commission on each purchase. That’s it, no other charges on hosting, ads, clicks, impressions, nothing.

The 15% commission goes towards:
  • Web development efforts
  • Our staff who takes pictures of the items, lists them, and answers your potential customer's questions
  • The 2.94% PayPal transaction fee we get charged on each order.
  • Shipping for both you and the customer (note: shipping fees apply to international purchases and sellers).
  • When your item sells, we pay you via PayPal. And that's it!
In comparison to other clothing consignment services such as The Real Real or Poshmark, which charge between 30-60% commission, we believe we provide a competitive offering!

Should I return my wig to the brand or resell it?

When you return a piece to the seller you purchased from, you are more often than not required to pay a restocking fee. A restocking fee is a percentage fee charged to the customer by the company for accepting returned goods. 

Restocking fees in the luxury hair industry can range from 10% - 20%, though most commonly, it is 15%. 

We recommend you compare this restocking fee against what you believe is a reasonable selling price on our platform to understand how to maximize your return. 


Our Reviews 

Silk or Lace customer reviews - High quality human hair wigs - Real human hair wigs - High quality human hair wig for sale - Realistic wig on sale - Real human hair wigs - human hairpieces on sale - discounted human hair wigs - hair toppers on sale

“My new friends Lu and CELINE [wig names] are really good together. Thank you @resell_silkorlace for supplying the world, especially me with high quality hair units. Exquisite quality and exceptional customer service”  Six-time customer, Mel

“I finally have the hair I’ve always wanted, can style however I want and not have to worry about it” - Syd

“I recently sold a gently used piece through resell:silkorlace and was so happy with the easy process! I had previously sold 3 other pieces using online platforms and spent a lot of time taking additional photos and answering questions – which I was happy to do, but it obviously took more time and effort. The resell:silkorlace process made it SO simple. I mailed in my piece, Suran [the owner] did and exceptional job styling it, taking various photos and even made videos and social media posts and stories. Once my piece sold, the money was deposited promptly into my PayPal. The percentage that Suran charges is definitely worth all of the all of the extra work she did that I didn’t have to. I would definitely sell through resell:silkorlace again!” - Anonymous 


Frequently asked questions about Resell : Silk or Lace 

1. What are your shipping policies?

  • We offer free domestic shipping. International shipping will be charged based on location and can be determined when you go through the checkout process.
  • We are not responsible for any customs or other international fees, which may vary from region to region, 

2. What is your return policy?

  • All sales have a 3-calendar day return window from the day the package arrives to your door. The piece must be returned in the same condition and packaging. Any alterations, damage, or changes to the piece will result in your refund being void. 
  • Your refund will be returned to you via your original method of payment minus all shipping (initial and return), shipping insurance, and the PayPal 2.95% transaction fee. All cancelled orders will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. No exceptions.

3. Do you wash and style the pieces before sending? 

  • When sellers submit their gently used wig or topper, we require that they send us the piece washed and clean. When we receive the pieces, we style it and get it ready to sell! 
  • If we deem the piece not clean when we receive it, we either return to the seller or we offer to wash the piece for an additional fee. 

4. Do you accept international applications?

  • Yes! We accept lightly worn pieces from outside the U.S. However, we ask that the seller pay for the postage to send the hairpiece to us. 
  • If after 90 days the piece does not sell, we return the piece to you. 

Starting April 1, we ask that you also pay for the postage to send the piece back to you if the piece does not sell.

5. How should I price my hair piece?

  • In general, we suggest pricing your lightly worn wig or hair topper 15-20% off its list price. Depending on the below factors, you may consider adjusting the ask price as well.
Here are our tips:
    • Look at the current list price of the brand’s piece you are selling. Is it lower or higher than the price you purchased for and want to sell it for? We highly suggest that your selling price should be lower than the brand’s current prices for its new items
    • Check out the brands inventory and see what they have in stock. If you have a rare item, you can potentially price it higher. 
    • What condition is the piece in? If the piece has been altered in any way (e.g., lace cut, top altered, hair thinned or cut, rips in the cap, or if it has any general defects) we suggest lowering the asking price. 

6. How long does it take for my item to sell?

  • Sell time depends on the price of the item and availability of new items from the seller, but typically we see competitively priced pieces sell the same day of posting! 
  • If a piece does not sell within a few weeks, we suggest adjusting the price as this is the most common reason why a piece does not sell. If you would like to adjust the price, please email us at contact@silkorlace.com!

No more stress and worry about what to do with your lightly worn wigs and toppers, we’ve got you covered! 
More questions? Feel free to reach out to us anytime at contact@silkorlace.com or DM us on Instagram @silkorlace!


I have a hair topper only worn 3 times which I want to sell. Please send me the necessary application form

I have two toppers one HH one synthetic are you interested in either to sell?

I have 2 wigs that I would like to sell which both was purchased from Luvme the lace has been cut on both, but they are in good condition.

I have 2 new never worn with tags still on Rebel Gypsy wigs that I would like to sale. One is “Rodeo Clown” & the other “Lies & Alibis” which are both special order or sold out on the website. I paid $125. each for these. Would you send information to sell if interested. Thank you.

Email me for my number

Please email me or shoot me a text I’m in phx az 85018

Yes I’m interested in buying all your wigs I am a traditional recreater

Do you sell real hair wigs too?

I have around 100 or more wigs braids extensions custom wigs mostly vintage. All brand new including some with human hair and bundled human hair. Would you be able to resale for me?

Have around 60 wigs . None worn . Went through a crisis and spent a lot of money but not worn any at all only looked at them . Would you be interested in buying them ? Are long medium and short

I have 40-50 wigs that have been tried on and lace cut but never worn. I would like to sell in bulk as I don’t want to hassle with shipping separately. Would you be interested in buying beautiful long wigs?

Do you resell custom pieces?

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