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New Full Lace Top Hair Toppers For Hair Loss Hit The Wig Industry

New Full Lace Top Hair Toppers For Hair Loss Hit The Wig Industry

Our wig and topper company, Silk or Lace, was not only founded on the mission to make shopping for hairpieces an easy and positive experience, but also to provide innovative products that answer the needs of our hair community. 

Hairpieces, whether you choose a wig or a hair topper, offer an immediate transformative experience that helps build confidence for people with hair loss. After speaking with our clients, customers and friends in the hair world we felt like there was a demand for a new kind of lace hair topper that was missing. So, we decided to close the gap - enter our full lace hair toppers! 

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What is a lace topper? 

Lace hair toppers are a common product you will come across in the hair industry from brands like: Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Ellen Wille, UniWigs and boutique hair brands like Serenity Wigs & Toppers, Mckenna Wigs, Lusta Hair, Wigs by Tiffani and more! 

Lace toppers are a popular product because you can blend in your natural hair like you would with a regular silk topper, however the lace front creates a new hairline for the wearer. This makes the product great for someone with crown hair loss and a receding or thin hairline. 

A traditional lace hair topper has a lace front with a wefted back. This construction is very similar to a lace top wig, though it has a smaller base size and no nape (We know hairpiece construction can be confusing, so we’ve broken down the construction 101 for you here)! 

We always hear from our customers that they want something that feels like nothing but still has full coverage. It sounds like an impossible feat, but we decided to take on the challenge. Our new full lace toppers are made entirely of lace, cutting out the wefted back. This makes the hairpiece feel like air and you truly forget you’re even wearing it! They also feature bleached knots and a pre-plucked hairline making the blend look natural and seamless, a feature that stems from our Silk or Lace Collection wigs that our customers have been raving about. 

silk or lace - lace hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - alopecia awareness - affordable hairpieces - best toppers for hair loss

How does a full lace topper hold up with a long time hairpiece wearer? 

Since full lace toppers are relatively new to our niche industry and us, we gifted one of our new toppers to a fellow hair sister of ours to test out the product over a couple of months and give us feedback. 

Laura, or @elleshaircorner on Instagram, has been an amazing insight sharing her journey and allowing us all to watch as she tested the best way to wear a full lace topper. 

After receiving her Silk or Lace full lace hair topper, Laura did an initial try on and her key takeaways were: 

  1. The hairline is really well done and you can’t see the knots at all
  2. The lace sits super flat along the front hairline
  3. The hair feels nice and you can tell it’s high quality hair 

One of our main pieces of advice for any hair wearer is, alterations make the piece feel more like yourself! When trying on a hairpiece right out of the box, a lot of the time you won’t have that “ah ha” feeling. This can seem disappointing, but with some tweaking you can make the piece feel like a part of you and your confidence will skyrocket, so don’t give up!

Once the initial try on was had, Laura was able to see where some alterations needed to be done to make the piece best work for her. She cut the hair to match the length of her natural hair, cut the excess lace off and then curled the piece the way she prefers to wear her pieces. Just these small changes made such a difference. 

When trying to install the piece and bond the hairline for the first time, Laura noticed that the piece was a bit too wide for her natural head shape, making the lace lift at the sides. This was something we noticed in our initial design and a big reason why we wanted to have other people test out the product. 

After reaching out to another hair sister who has experience with bonding lace toppers, Laura learned that adding darts to the piece to fit the shape of her head would make the piece lay flat and blend like a dream. She added two darts on the sides of the piece by the temple with clear nylon thread. 

Now you may be asking, what are darts on hairpieces?

According to the Wigs and Makeup Studio darts are, “The triangular pleats made in the net are know in the wig making industry as darts.  They accomplish exactly the same thing when they are used in dress making.  When the darts are formed correctly and sewn down, they will create a fitted foundation that will hug the artist’s head with perfect tension.” 

silk or lace - lace hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - alopecia awareness - affordable hairpieces - best toppers for hair loss

After adding in the darts, Laura was able to glue the lace topper down with ease and couldn't be happier with the results. To make the piece feel even more like herself, she added the most adorable bangs!

silk or lace - lace hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - alopecia awareness - affordable hairpieces - best toppers for hair loss

Laura’s overall impressions after adding the alterations and wearing the piece to multiple events like hiking, an outdoor barbecue and more were: 

  1. The fully hand tied lace top make the piece easy to part, very versatile when styling and comfortable to wear
  2. The hairline is super well done
  3. The hair is high quality making it smooth and easy to style 
  4. You can use glue or double sided tape to quickly bond the topper, making it quick and easy to apply once you have added your alterations in 

We couldn’t be happier with the thoughtful, honest and educational journey Laura took us and our community on while she tested out her Silk or Lace full lace hair topper. Now that we have a better understanding of the best practices when wearing one, Suran our founder, was able to customize her own topper and could not believe how seamless it looks and comfortable it feels! 

silk or lace - lace hair toppers - best hairpieces for thinning hair - alopecia awareness - affordable hairpieces - best toppers for hair loss

We’re so excited to finally offer these full lace hair toppers on our website for purchase after months of research, development and testing! We can’t wait to continue to grow and offer new products and innovation to the hair industry one small step at a time. You can shop the full collection here! 

Keep up with Silk or Lace on socials:

Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook & Pinterest: @silkorlace


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