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Pulling Teeth: What it's like wearing a wig to the dentist

Pulling Teeth: What it's like wearing a wig to the dentist

Written by @fauxringlets

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The first time I wore a wig to the dentist, I was incredibly nervous.

For days before my appointment, I worried my dentist would be able to tell I was wearing a wig. She would be so close to my face for long enough that she had to notice, right? 


My dentist didn’t notice. My hygienist didn’t notice.

When I went back, six months later for my next appointment, nobody noticed. Instead, my hygienist complimented my highlights. 

I am a quintessential over-thinker.

Even if I have no reason to believe they know I’m wearing a wig, I still worry when someone compliments my hair, always wondering: can they tell

Not this time.

In fact, I was so nervous, sitting there in the dentist’s chair, that I was very aware of where my hygienist and dentist were looking. They were looking at my teeth, not my hair. 

When my hygienist complimented my hair, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

It was such a relief, because I was struck by a moment of certainty that she had no idea I was wearing a wig. 

This, I thought, was surely the ultimate test. I’m rarely that physically close to someone who doesn’t already know I’m wearing a wig. I could hardly believe it would be possible to have someone that close to my face without noticing my hairline. 

So if you are wondering the same thing, let me reassure you.

It is entirely possible to be that close to someone, and to go to the dentist, without anyone noticing you are wearing alternative hair. Remember that most people don’t scrutinize the hairlines of everyone around them! 

Another important reminder:

Your dentist only sees you every couple of months. Don’t worry if they will think your hair has changed drastically since you’ve last seen them. They will not assume your hair has changed overnight.

Remember they see all their patients infrequently! They’re likely used to people’s hair changing between appointments. 

If it makes you feel better to tell your dentist that you’re wearing alternative hair, go for it!

If you’re going to spend your entire appointment filled with anxiety about whether or not they can tell you’re wearing hair, and telling them will make you feel better, then tell them. With that said, I’m telling you: you don’t have to.

Chances are, they won’t notice, because, quite frankly, they’re not paying any attention to your hairline. They’re focused on your teeth! 

My first time at the dentist with a wig on, I worried about more than whether my wig would be noticed. I was also very nervous that wearing a wig would interfere with my dental x-rays. 

It didn’t. 

Your alternative hair should not have any impact on your dental x-rays.

Dental x-rays are focused around your jaw, so parts of a wig like the clips or the metal in the eartabs should not interfere with the imaging.

I wore a wig with clips in it (the inside of the cap is pictured below), without any issues, so you should not have any problems if you are wearing a topper. 

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You should also keep in mind that you will be reclining in a chair. Make sure you’ll be able to do that comfortably in your wig or topper. This likely will not be a problem, but if you tend to worry like I do, I recommend putting on the wig or topper you intend to wear to your appointment and laying your head back at home to test how secure it is. 

I have always found it reassuring to test out wearing my wigs at home before I wear them in public.

I experiment with everything from new wigs, to hairstyles, to activities. This helps me feel far more confident when I later wear my wig out of the house. Do whatever you need to feel as comfortable as you can! 

Additionally, I haven’t had any issues with my wig falling in my face at the dentist, but if you’re worried about it, a low ponytail is a great option. It will keep your hair out of the way, stay secure, and won’t sit in an uncomfortable place on your head when you sit back in the dentist’s chair. 

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While going to the dentist for the first time with a wig (or topper) on can be nerve-racking, you should absolutely do it.

I’m a big believer that wearing hair shouldn’t prevent you from living your life to the fullest, and it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from looking after your health. I’ve had my fair share of anxiety about wearing wigs in new situations, so I hope my own time at the dentist can be reassuring to others.

You can absolutely wear alternative hair to the dentist, and be confident doing so!


I worried when I wore my wig to work the first time, nobody said anything that day but I did notice looks. So the next day I just took the opportunity and started a conversation about my hair ( wig) and surprisingly the ladies were very supportive and all for it, one even admitted that she was thinking about wearing a wig at times. Big confidence boost.

Great article, I’m always overthinking whether others can see if I’m wearing a topper or wig! So far if anyone has noticed they haven’t said a word.

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