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IN THE DMs: Silk Top vs. Lace Front vs. Full Lace

IN THE DMs: Silk Top vs. Lace Front vs. Full Lace


Hi! My name is J., I live in France and I'm 37. I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia about 6 months ago (but I've got thinning hair since at least 10 years) and here I am in the new world of toppers and wigs!

By doing some research on Instagram, I found your account, then your really helpful guide and ultimately the launching of your website (what a great idea!).

I also gathered some information on the internet but I've still got questions unanswered and I hope you can help me.

What are the real pros and cons of a silk top versus a lace top wig? Or even a full lace wig? Which one(s) do you prefer and why? 



Thanks for the question, J!

Both silk top and lace have its pros and cons - it really comes down to personal preference and what feels right for you! Here are some we keep in mind:

silk top wig versus lace wig

(silk top left, lace top right)


Silk Top Pros:

  • The scalp looks the most realistic by far
  • Silk is generally more durable than lace 
  • Silk tops hair lay much flatter than lace tops (i.e. the hair isn't as voluminous and "poofy" looking)

Lace Pros:

  • Lace sits ultra flat against your head (silk tops have an extra layer so there is slight bulk at the hairline)

          lace top vs. silk top thickness

          lace v silk top thickness

  • Lace is light and breathable (lace has holes that allow for air circulation compared to silk which is a thicker fabric)
  • Lace is good for those with receding hairlines and widow's peak or if you want to wear a wig that's a very different color that your own hair
  • Lace is able to create a more natural sparse hairline that gradually gets thicker 
  • Lace has a little more volume to the hair, this is a personal preference
  • Can control the density a little better on lace compared to silk (if you pluck silk tops too much, you give away the natural scalp looking appearance!)

Lace Fronts:

lace front wig

Lace front wigs and hair toppers are purported to have the best of both worlds. They have lace in the front allowing the piece to lay flat and create a sparse, natural looking hairline and still have a realistic looking scalp with the silk top. 

The biggest disadvantage to lace front pieces is that sometimes you can see from up top where the lace stops and the silk begins (see left). 

Full Lace: 

Full lace wigs have lace throughout the wig or hair topper (without any wefting or mesh which other lace wigs may have). 

The advantage of a full lace piece is there is complete uniformity in density and a light feel throughout your wig or hair topper. With full lace pieces, you have more control in customizing the fit around your head since you can cut the lace as you wish. 

In addition, since lace lays very flat, you can hug the piece very close around your scalp, ensuring you don't have any gaps between the wig or hair topper and your head.

Disadvantages of full lace:

  • You will need glue and/or tape to lay the piece down around your hairline and likely the back of your neck. 
  • There is no stretch to hug the wig down so you will need to ensure the wig is a near-perfect fit for your head.
  • Lace is more delicate and is prone to warping if you don't take proper care for it so take extra precaution when caring for a full lace piece!

Follow Up Questions:

Do you always need glue or tape to lay lace down? Do I need to wear a wig cap? The short answer is no! Here's an article dedicated to this topic here


Do you have follow up questions? Which do you prefer?

Comment down below!


This is great!! I love the breakdowns of pros to cons with different materials, as well as the reference pictures. Picking out the right wig or topper can be really difficult.

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