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The Best Hairpiece For Thin Hair - A Closed Lace Topper!

The Best Hairpiece For Thin Hair - A Closed Lace Topper!

As a newbie to the wig world the most common question asked is, “What is the best hairpiece for a beginner”? The most common answer, a topper! Toppers are the perfect piece to use when you are in the beginning stages of your hair loss and just need a little help covering the crown. 

Now within the umbrella term of toppers, there are multiple kinds. There are different cap constructions like: a silk topper, a mono topper, a lace front topper and the newest kind to hit the market, a closed lace topper (a.k.a our new favorite hairpiece)!


A closed lace topper is a hairpiece made entirely out of lace with a folded and sewn front edge. It is meant to be worn covering the crown of your head with your natural hairline blended over the top of the topper edge, much like a silk topper (We know hairpiece construction can be confusing, so we’ve broken down the construction 101 for you here). You can watch our founder Suran put on her closed lace topper here!

We sent a one of our new closed lace toppers to our friend in the hair loss community, Laura or @elleshaircorner on Instagram, to test out the piece as she also tested out our full lace front toppers! So far she had absolutely loved the piece and captured the journey for us. 

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Let’s take a closer look at what Laura’s piece looks like and have her explain how to put on a closed lace topper!

If you’ve tried a silk topper before but you’ve been frustrated with it not laying flat enough, not having enough natural hair to blend in with it or you simply don’t like how thick the rim is, we highly suggest trying out a closed lace topper. You can shop all of our current stock here!


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