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What Is The Best Wig To Wear In a Ponytail? Pony Wigs!

What Is The Best Wig To Wear In a Ponytail? Pony Wigs!

The summer degrees are climbing, and that means the hair is going up!

But what do you do if you wear wigs? Can you wear your hair up with a wig?

You don’t have to miss out on all the cute summer ponytail styles just because you wear a wig, you can wear a pony wig, a piece pre-constructed to wear in a ponytail!

What makes a pony wig different from a regular wig?

When a regular high quality human hair wig is constructed, wefts of hair are sewn in creating a grid like pattern with the wefts facing downward. 

A human hair pony wig is made with the same wefts of hair, however the wefts are facing upward. This allows the wearer to put their hair up into a high ponytail. This creating a ponytail wig. 

There are two types of pony wigs that you can choose from, a sport pony wig or a ponytail wig. 

What is a sport pony wig?

A human hair sport pony wig as stated before is made with the wefts of hair facing upward, allowing the wearer to put the hair into a hair pony. Although the wefts are facing upward, the hair can still be worn down.

Unlike a regular human hair wig there is no nape on the cap and there is no hair on the hairline of a sport pony wig. On the hairline is a soft Velcro strip that will help secure anything you put on top of it. Since there is no hairline this means the piece must be worn with a headband or headscarf.

FloxHair a Canadian wig brand housed on Silk or Lace specializes in sport pony wigs. They have a constant update of new human hair sport pony wigs in various lengths, cuts, colors and even hair texture. They are a great lightweight summer piece and they are very simple and easy to use. You can see how easy they are to install here! Silk or Lace makes it easy to buy human hair ponytail wigs online! 

What is a ponytail wig?

A ponytail wig, like the Milano Ponytail Precut, is made with the wefts facing upward like the sport pony wig however they have hair all the way up to the hairline. This means that can be worn without a headband or headscarf.

Ponytail wigs are great if you are looking for a more stylish pony look to wear out to dinner, however if you are going to be more active, human hair sport pony wigs are your best bet!

You can see all of the human hair pony wigs we have in stock here

So, can you wear you hair up with a wig? Yes you can! Pony wigs are going to become your new summer best friend!

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