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The Hair Mama Interview

The Hair Mama Interview

We interviewed Tahnee Brown, the founder and creator of The Hair Mama, one of our brands on Silk or Lace!

Watch the video below to gain insight into how The Hair Mama came to be as well as her POV on the key differences between:

  • Brazilian Hair
  • European Hair
  • Slavic Hair

Tahnee Brown started as a hair colorist by training, but when she experienced hair loss due to personal events, her life changed forever. 

She started the Facebook group, Hair Loss Sisters, to unite women who were experiencing the same issues as she had been going through. Little did she know, it would become a huge success with almost 12K followers and numerous posts from many women every day!

About 3 years into her page, she decided to take a leap of faith and create pieces for her new brand, The Hair Mama. 

Her goal was to create fresh and modern hair colors and styles that weren't available in the market - and the brand took off!

From her kitchen to now a studio that is quickly becoming too small - Tahnee's wigs and hair toppers are still highly sought after today. 

During this time, Tahnee honed in on her craft and began exploring different hair textures to give her customers more options. 

She began sourcing Slavic hair and fell in love with its baby fine thin hair texture, which mimicked her own fine, thin hair. 

While there are many imposters out in the market today that claim they carry European, Brazilian, and Slavic hair, Tahnee explains a few ways that she vets her pieces and how consumers can become more aware of the different types of hair they can choose from. 

Interested in The Hair Mama pieces? 

Shop her collection today!

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