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Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

Which Lusta Wig or Hair Topper Is Right For Me?

We get a variety of Lusta Hair wigs and toppers in our Resell Silk or Lace section, so we’re here to break down which wig cap construction would work best for you! 

There are so many different kinds of cap constructions when it comes to human hair wigs, even within one hairpiece brand!

The first step when trying to find the right hairpiece of course is deciding if you want a wig or topper. We have a blog post that breaks down the differences to help you decide which hairpiece type is better for you, which you can read here!

Now that you know if you want a human hair wig or topper, let’s get into the cap types at Lusta Hair. 

Lusta Hair sells both wigs and toppers categorized as: 

  • Lusta Toppers
  • Lusta Up-Do Toppers
  • Lusta Essentials Wigs 
  • Lusta Lace Front Essentials Wigs 
  • Lusta Game Changer Wigs


Lusta Toppers 

Lusta specializes in silk top toppers. To learn more about what a silk top is, you can read our cap construction blog here

silk or lace - lusta hair - lusta toppers - lusta silk topper - silk toppers

Lusta toppers are made with 100% remy human hair and all come with a 4x4 silk top which gives you the freedom to change the hair part if you so desire. 

Shop available Lusta Toppers here!


Lusta Up-Do Toppers

The Lusta Up-Do Toppers are a new line that they recently launched! It features a variety of colors and is for the people who love to wear their hair up or do fancy styles. 

silk or lace - lusta hair - lusta toppers - lusta pony topper - lusta up do topper - pony topper

An up-do topper could also be known as a pony topper. You wear the piece like a regular topper, but leave a little extra of your hairline out so you can blend it up over the rim of the topper. 

This is what allows you to put the piece in a ponytail, while still looking natural! 

Shop all available Lusta Up-do toppers or pony toppers!


Lusta Essentials Wigs 

The Lusta Essentials wig line are 4x4 silk top, full coverage wigs, that give the wearer the ability to tuck away all their natural hair and completely change up their look! 

silk or lace - lusta hair - lusta wigs - lusta hair wigs - wigs online

 Since the Essentials Wigs have a silk top, you also have the option to pull out the front part, at the hairline, of your natural hair and blend it into the wig for a more natural looking hairline. The versatility is endless! 

Shop all available Lusta Essentials Wigs!


Lusta Lace Front Essentials Wigs 

The Lusta lace-front essentials wig line features the same 4x4 silk top, but also comes with a lace front!

silk or lace - lusta hair - lusta essentials wig - lace front wigs

Having a lace front on a wig is a great option for people who want to completely change up their hair color, or do not have a strong enough hairline to blend into the silk top of the wig. The lace will create a completely new hairline for you.

Rule of thumb is, silk tops give the most natural looking scalp and lace fronts give the most natural looking hairline. So, having a wig with both is the best of both worlds. 

Shop all available Lusta Lace Front Essentials Wigs!


Lusta Game Changer Wigs 

Last but not least, we have the Lusta Game Changer Wigs. They feature the same 4x4 silk top with multidirectional parting and a lace front, but they come with a silicone grip lining on the inside of the cap!

silk or lace - lusta hair - lusta hair wigs - lusta game changer wig - silicone lined wigs

A silicone lined wig cap is great for people who have more sensitive scalps and do not like the feeling of clips or combs, because it can be worn without them! 

Shop all available Lusta Game Changer Wigs! 


Overall, finding the right wig or topper cap construction for you can make all the difference when it comes to buying the “right” hair piece - which is what we're all looking for!


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