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Resell Your Piece: Concierge Application Form

We will be in touch within 2-3 business days!

Tell us more about the piece you'd like to sell.


Sell Your Hair on RE: Silk or Lace

We will be in touch within 2-3 business days!

*Please upload a clear, crisp picture of the inside of the wig and/or topper cap here (we just need one picture!) 6MB limit

*Please upload a clear, crisp picture of the side of the hairpiece showing color and full length. 6MB limit

*Please upload the a clear, crisp picture of the hairline. 6MB limit

*Upload screenshot of listing and/or original receipt of the product. 6MB limit


Sell Your Hair on RE: Silk or Lace

We will be in touch within 2-3 business days!

Please review our full terms & conditions here.

A few important things you need to know - PLEASE READ:

- Once you send us your piece, you agree the item is in consignment and in our possession. You may not sell it on any other channel for 120 days. If it is still available after 120 days, we will return it back to you.

- All photos and videos taken by Silk or Lace of your piece is solely owned and may be used by Silk or Lace only. You may not use these pictures or videos to resell your piece on any other platform, social media account, or share these photos at any point in time.

- If you send us your piece and it does not match the description and images you gave us and/or it does not match our quality expectations, we will return the piece back to you at your cost and it will not be posted on our site.

- After your piece has sold on Silk or Lace, the customer has 3 days post receiving the piece to return the item. You will be notified and paid for the item only if the customer has decided to keep the piece.

- 25% commission will be deducted from the selling price and sent to you via PayPal.

- You must thoroughly wash the item before sending to us and send it to us in a clear, plastic ziplock bag. All packages must be scanned by the postal service to be covered by insurance. If the package is not scanned, then in the event it is lost stolen or damaged we cannot insure the item for you. Please do not include any original boxes or other materials.

By typing your name you agree to the above terms and conditions. I acknowledge all of the information I submit is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Thanks for your submission, we'll be in touch!