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Resell Your Piece: DIY Application Form

We will be in touch regarding your application within 2-3 business days!

Please note the information you provide in the application form will be included in your listing "as is". As you fill out the fields, please make sure all the information is accurate and up to date as possible!

Once you submit the application form. You will not be able to edit the fields.

Full Name (this is used for your shipping label!)

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Your Paypal Email (this will be the email that is used for your payout!)

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Tell us more about your hair piece

Brand Name

Name of Piece


Now update us on its condition and pricing!

Current Condition of Hair Piece

Retail Price ($ USD)

Asking Price ($ USD)

Anything you’d like customers to know about the hair piece? This will be included in the product listing verbatim so please make sure to check for any typos and formatting/spacing! You can write details regarding the hair color and length here as well.


Upload photos

Please upload the below photos that will be included in your product listing.

Make sure to take the photos in good lighting (preferably natural light)!

Note: We strongly recommend taking your own photos instead of using the original seller’s photos so potential buyers can see the current state of the hair piece. This will set your piece up for success to sell!

The hair piece on canvas or mannequin head

Photos of the hairline

Photos of the inside cap

Photos of a physical person wearing the hair piece

Add any other additional photos

Choose your featured photo:

Upload Video

Please upload a clear, crisp video (1 minute max) of you wearing the hair piece (ideal) or the hair piece on a mannequin that will be included in your product listing.

It will be most helpful to show the wig in natural lighting with a 360 view along with close ups of the hairline and hair part. This is key to quickly sell your hair piece!


Sell Your Hair on RE: Silk or Lace

Please review our store policy and our full terms & conditions here.

A few important things you need to know - PLEASE READ:

- Once you list your hair piece, you may not simultaneously sell it on any other channel. If the piece sells on our website and you do not have the hair piece in your possession, you are responsible for a $50 order cancellation fee.

- All photos and videos must portray the current condition of the hair piece as accurately as possible. Any defects or alterations must be disclosed at time of listing.

- You give us permission to create content and take photos/videos of the hair piece for selling and marketing purposes.

- If the customer receives your piece and it does not match the description and images provided in the listing, the customer is eligible to return the piece to you at your cost and it will not be re-posted on our site.

- All mediations between you and the buyer will be conducted via email through Silk or Lace. We will do our best to fairly assess the dispute and rule a decision on behalf of both parties.

You may not edit the listing information once it is posted. You may edit the price on your account dashboard or delete the listing itself and resubmit a new application if you would like to make any changes.

Once your item sells, you agree to ship the piece within 3 business days. The hair piece must be clean and enclosed in a clear, plastic bag. All packages must be scanned by the postal service to be covered by insurance. If the package is not scanned, then in the event it is lost stolen or damaged we cannot insure the item for you. We will send you a shipping label and further instructions via email! If the piece is not shipped out within 3 business days, the transaction will be avoid and you as the seller are responsible for a $50 order cancellation fee.

After your piece has sold on Silk or Lace, the customer has 3 days post receiving the piece to return the item. You will be notified via email and reimbursed for the item once the customer has decided to keep the piece.

You agree that Silk or Lace will deduct 15% of the final item price from your reimbursement.

By typing your name you agree to the above terms and conditions. I acknowledge all of the information I submit is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Full Name

Payment Information

I agree and submit my credit card to be charged for the fees as outlined above if the policies are not met.

Review your application

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