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Based on 372 reviews
Lusta has the best wigs!!

I only buy Lusta
Flattest tops and will last years
Super comfortable too :)

Halsey 20” and 24”

I previously purchased the Halsey 20” medium wig a month or so ago and loved it so much I got the 24” during the Mother’s Day sale. Love the hairline and the knots are invisible and not over processed which tends to happen one darker pieces. The soft black color matches my bio hair seamlessly so I was able to cut way the lace ear tabs and blend my bio hair with the wig. The pieces are light weight and perfect for the summer months. I don’t wear a wig grip with the wigs…I just use some got2b gel to lay the front lace of the wig to my forehead, along with the comb and two clips of the wig the wigs stay out all day.

Serenity Wavy Topper, "Darkest Brown" (R1403)
Tania Camargo
Beautiful piece!!

The topper came exactly as described and matches my hair so well, especially in texture. This is my second piece purchased with Silk or Lace. Honestly, it’s the only place I’ll buy moving forward. Buying new is too risky if the piece doesn’t fit right, and buying second hand makes the piece more “broken in” I’ve noticed. And I can trust the quality here always!

Gardeaux Iwig Wig, "Brunette"
iWig is still the Best

Best most comfortable and durable cap with the highest quality softest hair! Feels like your head is in a pillow and low density super realistic 😍

LABL Protect
Agent Topper review

The hair looks very natural. Better than expected. However, the hairline does not. I probably will never wear it because it looks fake because of the hairline. It doesn’t blend with my natural hair, either. Much shinier and the color is starkly different.

Love Bijoux!!

Love my Bijoux wigs!! High quality, so detailed and silk or lace has lowest price 🥰

After 30 HH wigs, I only wear Lusta!

Took 30 trials and lots of lost $ to realize tgis is THE most realistic and comfortable hair piece. Once you get one you will never regret or want anything else :)

Love love this hair piece/wig...fits great!!!

Ethereal Hair Premium Lace Top Wig, "Raven Balayage" (R1433)
Million Million
Beautiful hair

The hair is soft, the cap fits perfectly, and shipping was decently quick. Out of all the hundreds of wigs I own, this one fits my head the best! It's over plucked like stated in the description but if you could see my actual hairline, that's way worse, lol. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase.

Perfect wig!!

I had alopecia. I was very frustrated, and I didn’t know what kind of wig to choose. Until I found silk or lace, I was so nervous, but the result was very satisfying. The hair is so real, although in Texas, wearing this wig is not stuffy, and the effect is very realistic. Thank you very much.

Beautiful piece, oddly shaped cap

My initial thoughts: the hair and color was beautiful and soft. After trying it on though, the fit was strange. The cap was quite large on the sides of my head. Not sure if this is standard for milano wigs as I’ve never used that brand. Ended up returning due to cap fit. Measurements on website were accurate. Top of sides (which are not a standard part of measurements) were baggy. Maybe my head is small on the sides? Service from silk or lace was great though, so I have ordered an alternate piece from them. Fingers crossed :)

Freedom Couture Lace Top Wig, "Dark Brown with Caramel Auburn Ombre" (R1439)
Another Great Purchase

Beautiful wig. I've purchased quite a few wigs from Silk or Lace and I've never been disappointed. The hair on this wig is silky and fine and the hairline is exceptionally realistic. As always, Silk or Lace is a pleasure to do business with.

Wigs by Tiffani Wig, "Jocelyn" (R1360)
Natasha Culver
Wigs by Tiffany

I am so in love with this piece. The hair quality is great and I especially love the quality of the lace. Looks so seamless. I will definitely keep my eye out for any pieces by Wigs by Tiffany.

Sai Stylez Baseline Collection Wig, "London" (R1309) - TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF WITH CODE LASTDAY10 - FINAL SALE
Zeina Amin
Gorgeous wig

So happy with this purchase and the price of this piece! A steal.

Kaya Wig (Leo Collection), size Extra Small, 24" length
Aly Mouzakis
So beyond perfect

The sizing on this?? Chefs kiss 🤌🏻 the coloring was also so beautiful. The hair was so soft and it came styled so when I tried it on for the first time it was truly a magical moment. I’m new to wigs (especially nice ones) due to hair loss and can easily say this wig brought my confidence back. Will 10000000% be purchasing again!! Thank you for the beautiful wig!! ❤️

Debra’s Enchanted Wigs Wigs, "Bronde"
Highest Quality Human Hair and Cap Construction!

Deb Enchanted wigs are highly priced for a good reason! Deb puts SO much detail and highest quality materials both on her caps that mimic iwig wigs and the superb European hair. Her wigs have THE most comfortable caps and will last for years and years to come. Very very realistic as well

Krissy Wig (Leo Collection), size Small, 20" length
Natural part line and lace front

I purchased Krissy curly piece, I’m thrilled! The cap is so comfortable the Density at the front lace line is so natural as l and lace is undetectable. I absolutely love the curls, the piece was thinned by the Silk or lace team and fine beautifully! The piece looks thick but has such a light weight feel. I highly recommend purchasing from the silk or lace line, you won’t be disappointed! I hope silk or lace continues with their curly line..I also have their nova piece which I enjoy just as much! Thank you Suran and team!!!

Perfect Fringe Topper, "Darkest Brown/Natural Soft Black with Cherry Brunette" (R1352)
Lesa Foxworth
Love this piece

What a steal! This perfect fringe topper is a beautiful piece. The hairline lays very flat and the hair is great quality. Density is just right (not bulky). Happy with this purchase.

Beautiful Ombre Wig

This wig was never worn. It was the first I had ever purchased and I measured my head wrong! It came originally styled straight and with a lefthand part. It is gorgeous and disappointing that it was too big. I immediately bought the smaller size (medium) of the same make/model and it was a better fit for my head. Size Large (or medium/large) are hard to come by, so I hope the right person finds this NEVER WORN wig.

Game changer in the wig world

I have been a wig wearer for a few years now and have tried wigs from some of the most popular and high end brands out there. I am completely floored by the quality of this wig - the S&L team has nailed it!! The hairline is absolutely impeccable and the density is perfect. I have struggled with most wigs being too dense and I finally feel like I've found a brand that delivers natural density and a super natural hairline! I also want to give 5 stars for customer service. I was deciding between 2 colors and they allowed me to try both before making a decision. I really appreciated that AND the $50 restock fee, which makes trying wigs so much more accessible than most brands out there. I feel like I've finally met my wig soul mate, hallelujah!

Highline Topper, "Light Ashy Blonde" (R1374)
Jennifer Collins
Used Highline topper

Absolutely beautiful. Hair is silky soft, great condition. Received in 3 days. Couldn’t be happier with my first experience with SIlk or Lace, I’ve been checking the website daily for updated inventory.

Highline Wigs, "Bronde"
Most Realistic Hairline

Highline has The Most realistic hairline and buttery soft hair with stunning color!!

Iwig Wigs, "Brunette"
IWig is BEST Wig with Highest quality hair and craftsmanship

IWig lasts for years! I have some that lasts several years! Hair is buttery soft Mongolian and European. Most comfortable, durable and best investment!

Audrey Wig (Virgo Collection), size XL, 17" length - FINAL SALE
Eliza Y.
Aubrey’s a beauty

Gorgeous hair with volume for days! The wig didn’t quite work for me due to the back half being wefted, but the quality was undeniable and the team was excellent.

Beautiful and well made, but should have gotten Lace Top

I bought this wig for my granddaughter who has Alopecia Areata. She is 17 and sometimes her hair grows in, and other times she has large bald spots. Right now she has massive bald spots. I tried to talk her into one of the lace top wigs, but she really liked the look of the Agent Cristina Silk top. While it is beautifully made, she has to artfully place it or it just looks like a wig, because of the hairline. She has tried to put it in a loose ponytail, which looks terrible. It looks best if she can pull some of her own hair out of the front, but it bothers her that her hair doesn't match perfectly with the color of the wig. I think it looks better that way, but she has to feel good about it. It also makes her head really hot! I'm sure that would be the case with any wig, it will take some getting used to. She has a small head, so we have to make it as small as it will go, which makes it bunch up. You can't tell by looking at it, but she doesn't like the bumps she can feel on the back of her head, which make her self-conscious, even though we keep telling her you can't see the bunches and bumps. Since her head is small, when she pulls the wig back to her hairline, the wig wants to slide off. I think we need to get her a grippy headband, but again, since her head is small, I'm wondering if the headband will stay in place. She has two weddings coming up, and she is a bridesmaid in one of them, the other is her aunt's (my daughter's), so I'm hoping we can figure this out so she feels confident and like the beautiful young woman she is, whether she has hair or not. Neither her mom nor I can afford to buy her another wig. I wanted to take a photo of her in the wig for this review, but she didn't want me to.