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Hairalicious Wigs - A High Quality Human Hair Wig Brand

Hairalicious Wigs - A High Quality Human Hair Wig Brand

Interested in buying a human hair wig but don't know where to start? We are here to help jumpstart your hair journey! Whether you you have hair loss, alopecia, thinning hair or you just want to switch up the color of your hair - the best thing to do is to do your research.

Today, we are breaking down the brand Hairalicious - a high quality human hair wig brand! Keep reading to learn more about their most popular lace top wig collection - the extra thin hairline collection.

If you're not sure what a lace top wig is or don't know if a human hair wig is a great fit for you - don't worry! We have several resources and blogs that go over the different types of constructions of wigs and toppers as well as breakdowns of other high quality human hair brands. The more you know the better when it comes to finding your perfect human hair wig or topper!

Hairalicious was created with the mission to help others in the hair loss community - as the founder stated "A wig, for me, is not just a product – it’s a tool for healing and putting a smile on someone’s face." 

The brand has several collections including lace top wigs and silk top wigs. In our Resell Silk or Lace section, a section of lightly worn human hair wigs and hair toppers at discounted prices - we mostly see their extra thin hairline collection of lace top wigs. A fan favorite! So, let's get into the breakdown of this collection. 

The Extra Thin Hairline Collection

Each wig has bleached knots, a pre-plucked hairline and is low density. Designed to feel lightweight and comfortable and look natural and ultra realistic! 

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This collection also consists of Brazilian single drawn hair, multidirectional parting and HD lace ear tabs with bendable strips.

Brazilian textured hair is high quality hair that overall is silky soft and durable. You are able to move and style the wig however you like due to the multi-directional part meaning you can create a center or side part to the left or right on the lace top!

The HD lace ear tabs with bendable strips also help to be able to wear the human hair wig in high upward styles such as a pony tail or bun (using glue or adhesive to secure the sideburn areas down). Overall, making the wig super versatile with hairstyles. 

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Lastly, each wig is hand dyed by a professional adding a personal touch and customization to every wig. The collection is an array of dimensional colors from beautiful blonde balayage colors to rich, chocolate brunettes and auburns. The selection of colors is endless! 

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And there you have it! A closer look into the ever so popular extra thin hairline lace top wig collection by Hairalicious. As always, if you have any questions or would like to know more feel free to message us or schedule a free virtual/in-person consultation with us!

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