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Wig Basics & Tips for Beginners - New to Wigs? Start Here!

    Wigs provide full coverage over your head to provide a natural, seamless look of full natural movement hair throughout. It allows you to go from no hair, thin hair, or patches of hair to beautiful locks that you can curl, style, and put up into a pony!

    What is a wig?  

    • It is a hair piece designed to cover your whole head and hair 
    • There are many different types of constructions but a full wig is designed so you tuck all of your own hair in 

    Is a wig right for me? A wig is a great option for someone who:

    • is looking for a hairpiece that “gives you completely new hair.” It’s designed to cover up any of your own hair and give you an entirely new look. 
    • This is great for those looking to change hair colors but don’t want to damage their own hair, those who are bald, have a receding hairline, desire a different hair texture than their own, or simply want to change up their hair altogether from blonde to a bob cut to new bangs!

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