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hair wigs for summer

Best Lightweight Hair Pieces for Summer - Pony Wigs, Lace Top Hair Toppers and More!

Summer is on its way and with that means rising temperatures! It can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what human hair wig or topper is the best option to wear in the hot summer months but don't worry we are here to help. 

We are going over the best lightweight human hair wigs and toppers to wear without sacrificing your comfort!

Lace Top Human Hair Wigs 

Lace top wigs are a great option for the summer as lace is a very breathable fabric made with holes that allow for more air circulation to run through. We recommend an ultra light density lace top wig! You can also consider going shorter in hair length to optimize mobility and breathability when wearing a human hair wig in the heat. 

Madison hair collection human hair lace top wig

You can find some amazing options in our Resell Lightly Worn Section from brands such as Milano, Madison Hair Collection and Bijoux Wigs for light density lace top human hair wigs!

Milano lace top human hair wig
Bijoux wigs lace top human hair wig

Human Hair Pony Wigs

A human hair pony wig is another great option for the summer! Pony wigs are made with the wefts of hair facing up. This allows you to put the hair up into a high ponytail unlike a regular constructed human hair wig where the wefts are facing downward. A perfect hair piece if you plan on being active, running errands, playing sports, etc. in the summer heat. 

There are two types of pony wigs. Regular ponytail wigs that can either be worn up or down with no headband or hair scarf and sport pony wigs which can be worn up or down but must be worn with a headband, hair scarf or hat as there is no hair on the top of the piece.

lu's wigs active sports pony wig

Brands such as Lu's Wigs, Milano, and Flox Hair have a great selection for both ponytail and pony wigs!

Human Hair Silk and Lace Top Toppers

Lastly, human hair toppers are great to wear during the summer heat as they do not cover your whole head rather they clip onto your hair allowing air to pass through and keep you cool!

Hair toppers are best for people who are experiencing early stages of hair loss and thinning and have existing hair on the top of their head to attach the clips of the topper to. 

         Highline silk top topper

There are various cap constructions for toppers including silk top and lace top toppers. Lace top toppers are another great option as the combination of both the half cap and lace together provides even more breathability for the heat! 

Brands such as Wigs by Tiffani, Lu's Wigs and Highline have a variety of both silk and lace top toppers that you can select from! 

         wigs by tiffani lace top topper

         lu's wigs lace top topper auburn

And there you have it - the best lightweight human hair wigs and toppers that are perfect for the hot summer months! As always if you ever have any questions or need some help we are always here so feel free to message us!

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