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How To Pick The Right Hair Piece - Wigs, Hair Toppers, Pony Wigs and More!

How To Pick The Right Hair Piece - Wigs, Hair Toppers, Pony Wigs and More!

You’ve decided to purchase a hair piece - yay, congrats! But now, you find yourself overwhelmed by the options and have no idea what is best. We are here to help!

In this blog, we’re going over different types of hair pieces you can choose from ranging from wigs to hair toppers to pony wigs and more. As well as their key differences and what each is best used for. So, let’s get started!

#1: Wigs

A wig is a hair piece that covers your entire head.

Wigs provide full coverage on your scalp and allow you to wear a hair piece that is different from your natural hair color. Wigs are ideal for people with advanced stages of hair loss or people who are bald. 

human hair wig
human hair lace top wig

Wigs unlike hair toppers do not need to be worn with clips or combs. In fact, you can wear most wigs without any clips. This might be best for someone who doesn’t like clips or has a sensitive scalp. 

human hair lace top wig

There are different types of wigs as well as various cap constructions - if you decide a wig is the best option for you but have no idea what type of wig to choose from here is a great resource to help you start your research that dives into the breakdown of the construction of a wig!

#2: Hair Toppers

A hair topper covers the top of your head and adds volume and density to your hair.

Hair toppers are essentially clip-in hair pieces that provide coverage on the top of your head. Hair toppers are ideal for people with hair loss concentrated at their crown and parting.  

hair toppers for women

They are lighter compared to wigs as they stop half way or a little less down your head and only provide partial coverage.

hair toppers for women

Hair toppers vary in sizes just like wigs, however unlike wigs you have a bit more freedom to move from different base sizes as this can depend on personal preference i.e. what feels most comfortable and how much hair you would like to cover. 

silk top hair toppers for women

If you’d like to learn more about hair toppers and how to use them, you can read more about them here!

#3: Pony Wigs

A pony wig is a pre-constructed hair piece that allows you to wear hair in a ponytail.

Pony wigs provide full coverage just like a wig, however they are constructed with the wefts of hair going upward (wigs are typically constructed with the wefts of hair going downward) this allows a person to wear this type of wig in hair dos like a ponytail or high bun. 

pony wig for women
pony wig for women

Pony wigs are ideal for people who live active lifestyles and/or would like to have the option to wear their hair up in different styles. 

lace pony wig for women

If you find that you prefer a pony wig but want to learn more you can read more about pony wigs here!

#4: Hat Wigs

A hat wig is a wig that does not have hair in the crown region of the hair piece.

hat wig for women

Hat wigs are designed to be worn with hats, beanies, caps, etc. Now, you could just put a hat on any wig, however hat wigs allow you to wear something over your wig without the risk of damaging your wig by wear and tear. 

hat wigs for women

Hat wigs are also designed to help decrease heat buildup from wearing a hat over your wig especially during hot weather seasons. As well as take away potential bulkiness from the hair of a wig. 

Hat wigs are ideal for people wanting to wear any type of hat with a full coverage wig that is comfortable.

And there you have it! As always, if you ever have any questions or would like to know more about specific hair pieces feel free to reach out and we are always more than happy to help!


Hi, I’m looking for a small cup hair topper -
about 3 by 6 inches, 14 in long
Dark brown
wavy hair
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