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Do I *Need* a Wig Cap? And Wig Glue? Or Tape?

Do I *Need* a Wig Cap? And Wig Glue? Or Tape?

How do you wear a wig the "correct way?" Do you need all those steps that make wearing a wig seem impossible?

The short answer is no - you don't *need* to wear a wig cap.

You don't even necessarily need to wear a wig grip. Or use tape, glue, or sprays.

If your wig is a perfect fit for your head and has either combs or clips (or both) sewn in, this may be sufficient for every day wearing needs. 

However, if your wig isn't the perfect fit, or if it has any of the below factors, you may consider wearing a wig cap and/or wig grip to make sure your unit stays in place.

1. Extreme activity (high intensity workouts, windy weather, roller coasters...you know the usual)

This may be obvious, but your wig isn't attached to your scalp! Therefore, if you are participating in high intensity workouts or other activity, you will have a hard time figuring out how to wear a wig that stays in place. 

Wig caps allow you to gather all of your hair back so that it's not moving around in your wig (causing it to pull or push back) and enables you to easily put on a wig grip. 

The wig grip, in this case, will really help the wig stay in place - especially on roller coasters! 

2. Wearing your wig in a ponytail or braids

When you wear your wig (or hair topper) in a ponytail or braids, you concentrate weight of the hair towards the back of your head. This tends to push the wig back and may cause the lace to be misplaced along your hairline. 

In this case, you may want to use either a wig grip or glue/tape in order to hold the lace secure against the hairline. 

3. A wig with extremely long hair or high density 

Similar to above, wigs with either extremely long hair or high density have more weight pulling your unit back, which may cause the lace to move around from the hairline. 

You may choose to thin down your unit so that it feels lighter or you may use a wig cap and grip to help it stay in place. 

4. Wig color doesn't match your natural hair color

When your wig color doesn't match your natural hair color, it may show through your unit (especially if it's a fine lace). This is especially the case when you wear a lighter colored wig with darker natural hair underneath.

In this instance, it's helpful to wear a scalp colored wig cap underneath that hides the darker hair. This way, the holes from the lace look like "your scalp!" 


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