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How Do You Know if Your Wig Fits?

How Do You Know if Your Wig Fits?

Fit is one of the most important, if not THE most important, factor in making sure your wig looks natural on you. 

If you have a wig that fits your head, you will need minimal adjustments, clips, tapes, and glues to make sure that it will stay in place. In addition, it won't feel too tight or cause pain if you have the correct sizing. Wigs that fit well should feel snug and comfortable all day on your head!

Here are some tips to make sure that your wig fits correctly on you:

1. Measure your head circumference to determine your wig size. 

how to measure you head for a wig -silk or lace - remy human hair wigs - lace wigs - best wigs for hair loss

Take a flexible tape measurer and start from the hairline at the center of your head. 

Next, wrap the tape measurer around to the nape of your head and then back around until you reach the center of your hairline again.

Note: Custom wigs may require additional measurements. For in-stock pieces, circumference measurements are usually all you need. 

2. When you receive the piece, make sure the following areas are correctly fitted:

  • The ear tabs  (see the triangular piece around the cap that points out below) should fit around your ears comfortably. If you have a lace wig, you may be able to cut the ear tabs to suit your head shape.


ear tab images for wigs - silk or lace - remy human hair wigs - lace wigs - best wigs for hair loss
  • If the cap is slightly large, there are adjustable straps in the back of the wig (similar to a bra strap) that you can adjust for sizing. Again, the wig should be snug, but not tight against your head. Sometimes, the wig may also come with an elastic headband that you may also adjust for sizing. 


wig straps for adjusting good fit and sizing -silk or lace - remy human hair wigs - lace wigs - best wigs for hair loss


3. Align the front of the wig to your natural hairline. If you have a lace front, you may cut the lace so that it matches the shape of your hairline.  

Most womens' hairlines are not a smooth, even curve - we have peaks and areas along the temples where hair may recede more than the front. Cutting the lace along these natural curves will make the wig look more realistic. 

If you have a silk top, make sure that the hairline is aligned with where your natural hairline should fall. It's ok if a few baby hairs peek out (if it matches the wig color), it'll make it look more natural that way!



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