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Hot Tips for Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

Hot Tips for Staying Cool In Your Wig This Summer

Is it hot in here or is it just me with my non-ventilated, high density, extra long, full wig? 

It IS me! 

Summer weather is officially here and you don’t want to be like me with a sweaty, itchy scalp. Let’s learn together what hair pieces are the best for those hot summer days!

There are many different aspects when it comes to finding that sweet spot of what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable for the hot summer weather.

Today we’re going to look at real human hair wig cap constructions, toppers versus wigs, pony wigs and hat falls.

What wig cap is best for hot weather?

For anyone who has even just dipped their toes into the wig world knows there are numerous types of cap constructions. Each type of construction serves a different purpose however some can be unbearable in the hotter months of the year. 

If you have a human hair wig that is close wefted, silk top and silicone-lined cap – you’re going to be sweating like a pig. We recommend a piece with an open wefted cap or a piece with a lace top. If you happen to find a human hair wig with both you’ve found the jackpot!

Human hair wig with an open wefted cap

An open wefted cap on a human hair wig has the same exact construction, as a traditional close wefted cap however there is no material placed over the wefts so there is open area for airflow. This will help to create ventilation so your scalp gets a nice breeze throughout the day

Human hair wig with a full lace cap or lace top

Lace itself is a more breathable fabric compared to silk which is used on a silk top wig or topper. Lace is made with holes that allow for more air circulation.

This human hair wig has a cap with a full lace construction. This means that the entirety of the cap is covered with lace and there are no wefts. This could be a great choice if you want that breathable fabric all over. However lace is a more delicate fabric so you wouldn’t want to play some summer kickball in this kind of cap.

This construction is a lace top with a wefted back. This means that only the area on the crown of the head is covered by lace and wefts cover the back of the head. You can either get close wefted of open wefted caps. An open wefted cap with a lace top would provide optimal airflow!

You can see all of the lace pieces we have in stock here.

Is a topper or a wig better for summer weather?

A wig covers a persons entire scalp whereas a topper only covers the top of the scalp.

If you are experiencing only thinning and you have hair to clip on to, a topper will be your favorite summer option. By not having your whole head covered you will feel a lot cooler when that breeze passes by.

Toppers, just like wigs, come in various cap constructions so you could get one with a lace top for even more breathability. 

You can see all of the toppers we have in stock here and find your favorite construction mix!

Pony wigs and hat falls for summer

Human hair pony wig

A human hair pony wig is made with the wefts of hair facing up. This allows the wearer to put the hair up into a high ponytail unlike a regular constructed human hair wig where the wefts are facing downward.

There are two types of pony wigs. Regular ponytail wigs that can either be worn up or down with no headband or hair scarf and sport pony wigs which can be worn up or down but must be worn with a headband, hair scarf or hat as there is no hair on the top of the piece.

Human hair hat fall

A hat fall is made with hair on the sides of the cap but none on the top where the scalp is. The means that a hat fall must be worn with a hat, or you could use a hair scarf if you want to be a bit more stylish or dress us the piece. Whatever you choose the top needs to be covered.

Unlike pony wigs, the hat fall has wefts that go down like a regular constructed wig. So you can only wear it down or in a low ponytail at the base of the neck. They are a great throw on a go kind of piece – perfect for a summer baseball game or day by the pool!

FloxHair is a Canadian brand housed on Silk or Lace that specializes in human hair sport pony wigs and human hair hat falls. Their pony wigs and hat falls are light weight, easy to use and are consistently re-stocked. You should check them out!

You can see all of the pony wigs and hat falls we have in stock here.

Wearing wigs and hair topper in the summer IS possible.

So, what wig is best for hot weather? You tell me, you’re the expert now!

Knowing all of the insider tips to find the most breathable and comfortable piece will ensure that your day by the pool, your picnic in the park or your day at your kids baseball game will not leave you with a sweaty scalp!


I need help pricing my wigs. I bought 4 wigs for my wife when she was diagnosed with cancer. They are like new because she only wore them a 0-2 times last year. I can’t find the receipt or remember the name of the store in San Francisco. Two of them are synthetic and the other 2, I think are human hair. I also have a nice mannequin head that swivals and shampoo that has never been used.

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