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Top 3 Tips on How to Successfully Sell My Used Wig Online

Top 3 Tips on How to Successfully Sell My Used Wig Online

Do you have a wig that's collecting dust in your closet? 

human hair blonde wigs - best wig brands - wigs on sale - discounted human hair wigs

Who doesn't have a wig that they've purchased online only to figure out the color just wasn't quite right, or it fit a little big/small, or that in fact, you just prefer a different cap construction? 

There are so many different factors that go into finding the right piece for you and (unfortunately) sometimes it just requires a little trial and error. 

We know that there's a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the shopping experience for wigs and hair toppers. Heck, that's why we started Silk or Lace!

One way that we lower the risk is to provide our Resell platform for both

human hair blonde wigs - best wig brands - wigs on sale - discounted human hair wigs

That's called #winning!

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are submitting an application to sell your pre-loved hair pieces with us. Not only will following these tips help us approve your application, it will increase the chances of your piece being sold quickly on our platform. 

Here are our top 3 tips on how to successfully sell your wigs and toppers!

1. Determine the condition of your hair piece.

Be honest in the application. Are there any alterations that you or your hair stylist have made to the piece (color, trims, thinning, etc.)? Are there any, even the slightest rips or tears in the cap? 

These changes could impact the value of the piece and it's important you note them upfront so that we can determine the accurate selling price with you. 

Alterations don't necessary mean a decrease in value. Sometimes, if there was a custom coloring done, it may actually make the piece more desirable!

In addition, if there is a minor tear or coloring defect, it may help the value of the piece if you fix them upfront. If there is a way to sew a loose clip or even take a spoolie and touch up overbleached knots, this may significantly help in selling the wig or hair topper!

2. Provide a reasonable price.

We all want the most bang (or return) for our buck. It's our goal to help you sell your piece at the highest price possible. However, it's also important to provide a reasonable price at the get-go to sell. 

Most pieces that are listed on Resell: Silk or Lace successfully sell the same day that they are listed.

human hair blonde wigs - best wig brands - wigs on sale - discounted human hair wigs

Once pieces are live on our platform for more than a week, it gets harder to sell. This means, it's essential to get the price right the first time around!

Our general guide to selling a hair piece is 10-15% off the retail price, depending on the condition. If the lace front is cut or if there are any defects, you may be looking at a lower value. 

We'll most likely let you know if the price you're asking for is reasonable, but ultimately the price is up to you. If the human hair piece sits on our site for more than 90 days, we'll ask you to pay for the shipping to send the wig or hair topper back to you!

3. Provide some background info!

The more information you can give us on why this hair piece didn't work out for you, the more context we can give to the next potential wearer!

There are so many reasons why a human hair wig or hair topper doesn't work for you, but can be perfect for another person. Sharing the wealth of knowledge only helps another hair sister out!

Selling a hair piece not only puts more $$ back into your pocket, but it quite literally makes another woman's hair day. We hope we can provide you a positive experience when selling your lightly worn wig or hair topper today!




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I’m now 49 years old but about 7 years ago as a nurse all my hair fell out from a rare from of alopecia . Since that time I have about 1,000 wigs bc I’m extremely picky about my wigs . Typically I purchase a wig for about $250-400 and I I usually wear it maybe twice . I always wear a wig cap under the wig and I have a ton to sale that are in excellent condition . Some still have tags bc I never got around to wearing them others I wore maybe once and decided to try another color or brand . I’m looking to sale a lot of these wigs at a very good price. These are high quality wigs . If interested please email me at Avril.jt@gmail.com or call me at (615) 596-0838 and leave a message and I will get back back to you .

I am located in Dallas, TX and have a HD Transparent 360 lace unit that is 16 inches and never been worn. Unit is pre-plucked and glueless (meaning you do not have to glue it down). It is Remy Brazilian straight human hair with natural black color and has stayed in the package the whole time it has been in my possession. Cost is $200. Please text 901-290-6088 if you are interested. My email address is 2walknauthority@gmail.com.

I have a beautiful dark brown ( almost but not quite black ) long haired wig for sale . It was worn once or twice by my daughter in law who was from Korea and recently passed away from cancer . She purchased a wire stand that it sits on , cleaning product ( all Jon reneau ) products never touched and a small wig comb and the little piece you wear beneath it to keep if from slipping off . I have photos I can send if interested in seeing them . I have not found the box it would have come in so not sure what the style name is . I see it says Raquel Welsh , made with 100% polyester fiber. Looks very lifelike! She paid approx $500 for all and we would be willing to accept $250 for wig plus products along with $20 to go towards the shipping closet so $270 . Please email me ( l.a.dean50@gmail.com) or text 506 251 9170 . Wig is located in Oklahoma City. I am staying here ( with son) helping to sort through his wife’s items so my phone number listed is a Canadian Phone number , I am not worried about rates on my end die to phone package I have but if it’s a concern for you perhaps email would be best

I have a Jon Renau Lea Human Hair wig. It is blonde. Been worn a few times. In great shape. Will let go for a great price if you are interested.

I have a Jon Renau Lea Human Hair wig. It is blonde. Been worn a few times. In great shape. Will let go for a great price if you are interested.

I have a wig to sell.18inch,Indian remi human hair.color is dark brown with some blonde highlights.Price willl be $200 including shipping.Paypal accepted.Sorry,my email is kimily8912@hotmail.com

I have a wig to sell.18inch,Indian remi human hair.color is dark brown with some blonde highlights.Price willl be $200 including shipping.Paypal accepted.

I am selling a 26inch human hair wig, the lace has been cut but the wig itself has never been worn as i cant get the hang of it, i paid £420, i only want £250 for it, if you are interested please email me at heyitseve@hotmail.com , thanks

I have a very lightly used Blond human hair wig that I had specially made for my daughter who had cancer. She wore it less than 5 times. I spent $3,600. I will negotiate a price. Thank you.

I have a revlon Scorpio champagne blush wig for sale. Still in box, never has been worn.

I have 2 brand new wigs from godiva’s secret wigs. Good quality synthetic wigs. One is weavy and other is straight . Wigs are up to shoulder. Light medium brown. Lace front wig looking natural . Text me if you have any questions 347 432 6215. I will send you a photos of the wigs. I’m located in Brooklyn Brooklyn NY. Price is 320 $. For each .


I am selling my wig. I worn it maybe 2 times. I got it after a bully cut my long hair of was feeling so ugly and i thoughtf it make me feel beter. I learned how to love myself without wigs…its a brown and blond with bangs en layered it length a is about on your back (shoulders). I want to sell it to make someone els feel beauty. And need the money.


I bought a specialty wig last year $4500 from a specialty cancer boutique. I wore the wig for 20 mins then realized I don’t want to wear a wig so I’m selling it. It’s very current and listing it to start at 1175. If interested please contact me at (403)383-6697 :)

I have a bone straight wig that I want to sell, I got it last year December, but I want to sell now because I’m really in need of money

I have a fairly new Gabor wig, Wavy shoulder length, Pictures available on request, Lace front, Can be parted either way

I have a beautiful blonde wig that I never wore I bought it while I was having chemo
And I just couldn’t wear it
If your really interested please contact me
Maria 201-349-4383

I have synthetic short curly wig with bangs. I just received it. Cap size average but adjustable. Light brown.
It’s beautiful, but just not for me. Please, make an offer.

My mom just passed and has 4 wigs that I’d like to sell for and I’m not going to ask much for them.

I have a lovely long auburn human hair wig. The hair is thick and durable. It has a very well made traditional cap. The problem is, there are no tags or markings on the wig to tell me the brand. How can I find out it’s worth?

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