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How To Care For Your Synthetic Wig - Our Agenteur Collection

How To Care For Your Synthetic Wig - Our Agenteur Collection

Did you just purchase one of our Agenteur Agents and have no idea how to care for your synthetic wig? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have some tips and recommended products to use that will provide all of the TLC (tender love and care) your wig needs to extend the life of your wig and make sure the integrity of your wig stays intact. 


woman holding synthetic hair lace front wigs


Tip #1: How Often Should You Wash/Refresh Your Synthetic Wig? 

To determine how often you should wash your wig, it’s important to think about how often you wear your wig. If you are wearing your synthetic wig daily (meaning almost every day) then we recommend you wash your wig every week. If you are wearing your synthetic wig regularly but not every day then we recommend washing your wig every other week. 

The less amount of time you wear your synthetic wig, the longer the time frame gets before needing to wash your wig! 

Tip #2: What Type of Shampoo Should You Use? 

Really, just about any type of shampoo or detergent is okay to use! However, we do highly recommend using shampoo with sulfates when washing your synthetic wig. 

The reason being sulfates are chemical compounds that coat hair strands. Having a shampoo with sulfates would essentially coat the synthetic hair strands and will keep the hair from fraying. 

Tip #3: How Often Should You Brush Your Synthetic Wig? 

Rule of thumb: always brush your wig! We recommend brushing your synthetic wig before and after using your wig. Along with using a detangling spray to ensure your synthetic wig does not get tangled before and after every use. 


synthetic lace front wig

Our favorite detangling sprays to use are the Jon Renau Smooth Detangler and SheaMoisture Oil Shine Hair Spray for Wig and Weave! SheaMoisture also has a cream detangler if you prefer to use a cream instead of a spray. 

Tip #4: How Should You Store Your Synthetic Wig? 

A silk or satin bag is a great option to store your synthetic wig! Silk or satin material causes less friction and helps keep hair strands from tearing. 

synthetic lace front wig with satin bag

We also recommend hanging your synthetic wig either on a mannequin or on a rack (or anything similar where you are able to hang your wig) to allow your synthetic wig to breathe and keep from detangling. 

And there you go! Follow these four simple tips to provide the best TLC for your synthetic wig! 


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