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Our Best Strategies on How to Sell Your Wig or Hair Topper (Concierge and DIY)

Our Best Strategies on How to Sell Your Wig or Hair Topper (Concierge and DIY)

Do you have a hair piece that you thought you were going to love but unfortunately it didn’t end up working out for you? Or maybe you have a piece that you absolutely loved but it just doesn’t seem to be "the one" anymore and you’re ready to move on. 

If you’re reading this and you find yourself in one of the situations above or even a completely different situation but you are ready to sell your hair piece and find it a new home then you’ve come to the right place!

We are diving into our lightly worn section and its options for hair pieces for women, providing the best strategies on how to sell your wig or hair topper successfully on our website. 


woman holding hair topper for alopecia


Let’s first take a look at our Concierge option: 

With this option, you are essentially letting us do the work for you. You first start by submitting an application to sell your hair piece online. Once approved, you send us your hair piece and we style, shoot and upload the piece on our website. Sounds pretty simple right? It is! 

However, the key here is how detailed you are throughout the process. Before you even begin the application process it is important to evaluate your hair piece. 

Things to consider when selling your wig or hair topper online:

  • how long you’ve owned the hair piece

  • how many times you’ve worn it

  • if the wig or hair topper has any defects 

  • if and how it was altered (this could mean any color added, trims, thinning, etc.).  

The main takeaway from this first strategy is to be as truthful and honest about your hair piece as possible. Let us know everything about your hair piece, the more details the better the listing. 

  • Evaluating your hair piece is also going to help you determine the asking price. As we are a resell discounted platform, we always recommend listing your hair piece at least 10-15% off.

  • Depending on the condition of your hair piece, it may be a lower value based on any significant changes made to the hair piece such as the lace being cut or if the piece has any defects etc. 

Basically, you want to determine a price that is fitting to the condition of the hair piece. The best strategy to determine this is to start your base price at 10% off and increase the percentage based on any defects/alterations your hair piece may have. 

The asking price is essential because it can make or break how quickly your piece sells. Of course, we want you to get the best value out of your piece but it also needs to be at a reasonable price for customers to want to buy your piece. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, however, we are always more than happy to help determine a price with you. 

Now, let’s take a look at our DIY option:

With this option, you are essentially doing it yourself (hence the name) and selling your wig or hair topper from home! You submit an application with all of the detailed information of your hair piece along with photos and anything else you want to add.

Once the application is approved, it will automatically upload to our site with everything you provided. This is because you keep your hair piece and only ship out to the customer once it sells. 

The key here is to maintain high quality information and photos. Bonus: you can also add videos (send it us via email please!) to really show off your hair piece for others to see. 

Just like our Concierge option, it is important to evaluate your piece and be as informative in the details of your piece as possible. Follow the same strategies as those stated in Concierge when determining the condition and asking price of your piece. Since we are not the ones creating the listing, it's up to you to provide all of the information and background of your hair piece!

  • When submitting an application, think about how you want to present your hair piece. Making sure it is clean, styled and the pictures are high quality.

  • You want to make sure the customer can really see the wig or hair topper as accurately as possible - using good lighting to accurately capture the color of your piece, using solid backgrounds (no busy backgrounds) so that the focus is only on the piece and using crisp images with no blurriness to provide the best quality image. 


dimensional blonde lace top wig for women

The main takeaway from the first strategy is to make sure your hair piece is the star of the show and the photos are great quality to provide the best depiction of your piece to the customer. 

  • We also found that hair pieces sell better when a person is actually modeling the piece. We highly recommend taking pictures of the piece on a person.

  • This is going to help customers be able to imagine how the piece could potentially look on them. Being able to see it on someone else will provide a better understanding of the hair piece and spark more interest.

  • As mentioned above, a bonus would be to also add videos of someone wearing the piece - allowing others to see the full potential of your wig or hair topper!


woman wearing hair topper for thinning hair


Both of our options were created to make the process of reselling your hair piece as easy and convenient as possible. Following these four strategies when selling your wig or hair topper online either through our Concierge or DIY options will greatly set up the success of your hair piece on our site so that you may find a new home for your hair piece and make another hair sister’s day! 

Of course, we are always available to assist you and answer any questions you may have as well. We look forward to listing your hair pieces! 

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