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How To Wash And Style A Human Hair Lace Wig

How To Wash And Style A Human Hair Lace Wig

Some of the most common questions we get as a high quality human hair wig company is; "How do I wash my wig?" and "How to I style my wig?"

Well, you're in luck because we're here to answer it all! 


There are many ways to wash a wig but we recommend the bowl method. This is when you make a "bath" with your product to dilute it so it's less harsh on the hair and distributes the product evenly! Let's break it down step by step. 

1. Mix water & shampoo in a large bowl

  • When washing a human hair wig, we recommend using a shampoo that is sulfate free to avoid unnecessary chemicals.   
  • Before dunking your wig in the bowl, hold the hair part with your thumb. This ensures that the hair is protected and wont get tangled. 
  • During this time, you can gently spot clean any product build up on the lace like: lace glue, hair wax, hairspray, etc. 
  • Once you feel the piece is clean, rinse the hair and the bowl. 

If you feel like the end of your hair are extra dry and need some additional help, we recommend using a hydrating in-shower hair mask. We love this one from Mizani

2. Mix water & conditioner in a bowl 

  • When conditioning, only dip the ends of the hair into the bowl. If your hairpiece has layers or bangs, use your hands to wash these areas.
  • Once you feel the piece is properly conditioned, rinse the hair and the bowl. 

3. Add your favorite post wash products 

  • We almost always use the Drybar smoothing sealant to help with frizz and a leave in conditioner (if we did not use a hair mask) to lock in moisture.

4. Blow-dry the wig cap 

  • When washing a lace wig it's important to be gentle with the lace top. When lace is wet, it's in its most vulnerable state. To avoid any stretching or fraying, we like to blow-dry the inside of the cap, including the wefts, as well as the outside top of the lace. 

5. Let the piece air-dry 

  • If you need to wear the piece in a hurry, you can fully blow dry and style. However letting the piece air-dry avoid using additional heating products and protects the hair! 


Now, this process is easier to follow along with a video (linked above), but here are some helpful pointers to get the best curls you can! 

1. Heat protectant is so important. We love this one from Bumble & Bumble. Bonus, it's a UV protectant too! 

2. Always curl the front 3 pieces away from the face. When curling the back of the hair, alternate the direction the curl is going in to make the style look more natural.

3. Separating the hair into layers is the easiest way to curl! It ensures:

  • You can curl all of the layers of the hairstyle on their own
  • You don't miss a single piece

4. Use a hot comb to set the part and style the hair, at the hairline, away from the face. 

5. A wax stick is the best product to keep flyaways at bay! 

Learning to wash and style a human hair wig seems like a big task but we promise, with a little patience and practice, it truly becomes second nature! 


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