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Newbie Tips - Choosing your first Wig or Hair Topper, Written by @shannon2point0

Newbie Tips - Choosing your first Wig or Hair Topper, Written by @shannon2point0

So, you’ve decided to pursue your first Wig or Hair Topper. Congratulations!

As a hair wearing “Newbie”, I have gathered some great reference information along the way. Let’s get started!

woman wearing hair topper


Learning the Terminology 

There are so many different types of materials and techniques that are used to construct Wigs and Hair Toppers. Without the proper guide through this new hair wearing world, you may become overwhelmed and confused. 

The best tool for this purpose is the “Wigs and Hair Toppers E-Guide for Beginners” written by Silk or Lace’s own founding creator, Suran Yoo (@the_strandie on Instagram)!

This is the ultimate guide for anyone who is curious about wearing hair, but is unsure on where to start. https://strandie.com/wigs-toppers-eguide/

Politely Stalking Hair Influencers on Instagram 

When I suggest you do some “stalking”, this is not on the level of Netflix’s hit show “You” Joe Goldberg Stalking. This is much more polite, and way less creepy. There are many “Hair Influencers” on Instagram! These empowering and confident ladies are a great resource for discovering what kinds of Wigs and Hair Toppers are the most popular. While not everyone who wears hair does so due to hair loss, many are affected by hair loss to varying degrees. These ladies are very willing to share helpful tips within their posts, I recommend scrolling through for inspiration for taking the plunge into wearing hair! Many also have a YouTube channel with videos that provide a more in depth demonstration of their “hair life hacks”.

The following Instagram accounts are just some of the ones I have personally found to be helpful:

woman wearing wig

@losinghair_notheart - Sarah has some really awesome tips on how to change from brunette to blonde, and no one will even question it! Her YouTube channel is packed full of great hear wearing information. From product reviews to helpful tips, this is a great account to follow.

@the_strandie - Suran is a pioneer in the hair wearing community. From Napa Valley, California to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Suran elegantly wears the most beautiful hair and always looks so natural. Her content really shows her followers practical ways to confidently wear Wigs and Hair Toppers. Check out her website https://strandie.com/ for lots of helpful hair related information! 

woman wearing wig

@alopecia_fashionista - Natalie The Wig Diva has championed the hashtag “#mytiaramovement”. With confidence and positivity, Natalie wears the most gorgeous hair out there. Promoting fitness and self care, this is by far one of the most uplifting accounts I’ve seen. Plus occasional cute doggo posts of her Corgi, Honey!

blonde woman wearing wig

@hairlossboss - Kellie is quite the inspirational woman, owning her own hair loss journey “like a fucking boss”. Her content is empowering, vulnerable at times, and definitely thought provoking. To “Newbies” like me, accounts like this are LITERALLY EVERYTHING. A huge Thank You to Kellie for being a total badass babe! 


Narrowing down your choice - A Wig or Hair Topper?

This can definitely be a hard choice. But armed with all the great information listed above, you’ve got this! Sadly, there is no “one size fits all” approach for selecting the right Wig or Hair Topper. With a little research and diligence, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. 

To acclimate yourself to wearing hair, I suggest searching for a reputable wig shop in your area. Many will take appointments for a discreet and private experience. For sanitary reasons, I suggest getting a wig cap to take with you. Try on types of Wigs or Hair Toppers that are available, so you can feel what it is like to have it on your head. 

This is a good way to see what feels right without making a financial commitment. If a wig shop seems to be pressuring you to make a purchase, I recommend politely removing yourself from the situation. To either buy or not buy your first Wig or Hair Topper at a shop is your choice, and certainly not the only choice available to you. This is a decision not to be made lightly or quickly. Sleep on it! One thing to keep in mind; a good Wig or Hair Topper isn’t cheap, and a cheap Wig or Hair Topper isn’t good. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. 


Reading Customer Reviews is a MUST!!

Once you’ve found some brands you like, read customer reviews. These can be a very helpful resource in making your decision. Paying attention to comments about the overall quality of the hair and the customer service are going to be important factors. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the particular brands if you need additional information about their products. Let them know your concerns, many are happy to assist you in making the right choice. Ask as many questions as you need to feel properly informed.


Watch Brand’s social media for sales

Many brands have sales for a variety of reasons. Holidays, celebrating a certain number of followers on social media, and also for first time buyers. These sales may or may not allow you to return your purchase if it doesn’t work out for you, that is a factor to be considered in making your choice. 


Be patient with your purchase

While some women are able to wear their new Wig or Hair Topper straight out of the box, many cannot do this. But that’s okay! There are things that can be done to “personalize” your newly purchased hair. As a “Newbie”, I recommend finding a stylist in your area who has experience with cutting “alternative hair”. Adding face framing layers, thinning the hair on the piece, adding bangs, adding darker roots, etc. are ways to make your new purchase feel more like “you”. You deserve to live your best helper hair life! 


Oh crap, I still don’t like it :(

In the event your new hair purchase just doesn't work for you, there’s still options. Follow @tradingtresses on Instagram, this is an account that allows 2nd hand Wigs and Hair Toppers to be sold from private sellers. Sadly, you will not make back 100% of your money invested.  

Facebook groups also allow the sale of 2nd hand Wigs and Hair Toppers as well, be sure to check each individual group’s rules regarding this before posting your hair that you wish to sell. 


Questions? Follow and/or DM me on Instagram at @shannon2point0!


Great guidance for the newbies! If there wasn’t a path paved before, there is now! Great read!

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