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How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

How do I make my wig last longer? | The Best Human Hair Wig Guide - Wig 101

Whether you're new to the world of human hair wigs and human hair toppers, or a seasoned pro - getting a new hairpiece can be nerve racking.

Here are all the tips you need to set up your new human hairpiece for success! 


How To Maintain Your Wig or Topper

High quality wigs need just as much love and attention as your natural hair. In order to increase the wear time and life span of your real hair wig or hair topper, it's important that you take great care of it!

Learn how to wash and dry, store, all the best products to use and some common troubleshooting for your new human hairpiece in this informative blog!

why wont my wig fit? how to put on a wig? how to blend a hair topper? how to make my wig not look bumpy?  

How to wear your natural hair under a human hair wig

We don't want you to end up looking like a cone head when you put your wig on.

Finding the best method that works for your when securing your hair under your wig will be a game changer!

Whether you have a lace front wig, a silk top wig or ever a mix of both - these methods will leave your wig application looking as natural as can be. 
how do i put on a wig? how do you put on a wig cap? how do i make my wig fit? how do i make my wig not look bumpy?


How to put on a hair topper for thinning hair

Human hair toppers for women are a great tool to add more volume and density to your hair.

However, it can be kind of tricky to get the blending just right with your natural hair and the hair topper.

So, we're here to break it down for you and help you blend that topper hair piece like a pro.


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How to wash a human hair hairpiece

Just like our natural hair, our human hairpieces need a good wash every once in a while!

Even the highest quality wigs will only last so long if they are not properly taken care of. 

In this video we share all the tips on how to wash your piece without causing damage, and increasing the longevity of the hairpiece! 

how do i wash a wig - do i need to wash my wig - what shampoo and conditioner is best for my wig - will i damage my wig if i wash it


3 ways to curls a human hair hairpiece

Whether you want curls that are big and bouncy or some subtle beach waves, every style is attainable with a curling iron and a little practice!

In this tutorial, professional hair stylist, Dorin Azerad, shows you three ways to curl a human hair wig!

As long as your hairpiece is human hair, these methods will work like a charm. 

how to curl a wig - best hair curling technique - how to get beach curls - how to get big bouncy curls - best way to curl hair


How to do the curly girl method on a human hair wig

If you have a hairpiece that is natural wavy or curly, it is so important to wash and style using the right methods!

The curly girl method ensures that your hairpiece will get the proper pamper and style it needs to become a frizz free, luscious, curly dream!

Watch this virgin curly human hair wig transform with a natural curly hair routine.

how to do the curly girl method - natural curly hair routine - how to wash a curly hair wig - how i was my curly hair

Now that you have all the tips needed to rock your new hairpiece, what are you waiting for - show the world the new you, with a new do!

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