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Human hair wig tips - human hair topper tips

Why Won't My Wig Fit Me? - Common Wig Questions We Get Asked


You just bought your new hairpiece and you’re suddenly filled with anxiety. Does my wig fit? Does the color suit me? What are return hairs? Am I doing this right?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


Does my wig or topper fit correctly - how to put on a wig - how to put on a topper - how to measure for a wig - wig size guide

How do I know if my wig or topper fits me correctly?

A wig that fits you just right should be snug, but not too tight. Your hairpiece is unlikely to feel as comfortable as nothing at all, but it shouldn’t hurt you, irritate you, or cause headaches. The best way to know if your wig will fit is by measuring ahead of time and checking your measurements against the sizing in the item description. (Tip: if you plan to wear a wig grip or you naturally have a lot of bio hair, bear in mind this can change your sizing slightly, particularly if you are between sizes.) However, if you’ve already taken the plunge and put on your new, beautiful wig, there are definitely some telltale signs that your piece isn’t fitting you correctly.

If your wig is too small, the first thing to look out for is how the wig feels on your temples. If the wig is causing too much pressure in this area or, even worse, like it’s pulling a deathgrip on your bio hair, then the cap may be too small for you. Caps that are too small may also cause the lace front to roll under, or the wig’s hairline to reveal too much of your scalp or your own bio hair. In some cap constructions, like a mono-top, a wig that is too small may stick up at a point on the crown -- so, if you’re feeling a little extraterrestrial in your new piece, we promise it’s not you, it’s the cap size.

If your wig is too big, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that the cap will slide around or lift up when you move your head. As long as you’re not headbanging to heavy metal, a well-fitting wig should be able to stay on through most movements. If you have a lace front piece, if you can see your own bio hair through the ear tab hairline or if the lace is wrinkling and buckling up at the front, those could also be signs your cap size is incorrect. Some of these issues can be rectified by using the wig adjustment straps or adhesives like wig tape or glue, but ultimately only you can decide if the fit is right for you.

Hair topper fit is a little more complicated. Once again, knowing your base size ahead of time is just a matter of measuring the space of your hair loss (Tip: If your hair loss is more concentrated around your hairline versus your crown, you may want to invest in a lace front topper or a wig instead). Your topper is unlikely to be too big, but if your topper is too small, you run the risk of the clips pulling on your thinner bio hair (ouch!),  revealing spaces of hair loss beneath, and not sitting flush against your scalp.

Does my wig or topper fit correctly - how to put on a wig - how to put on a topper - how to measure for a wig - wig size guide


How do I know if the color and length are right for me?

This is truly a matter of personal opinion, but there are some things you can look out for and do to ensure you’re happy with your new hairstyle.

If you have purchased a topper that is a different length or color to your bio hair, the first thing you should do is check how noticeable this is. If your bio hair is more than two inches longer than your topper, that is more difficult to rectify without a haircut. If your topper is longer, it’s easy to blend your bio hair with some styling, such as curling your own strands into the topper hair. In fact, styling can hide a multitude of hair sins; this same idea applies to differences in hair color or shade. However, bear in mind that curling your hair together won’t likely hide the transition between dark brown bio hair and strawberry blonde topper hair, so be conscious of color disparities beforehand when shopping around for your new piece.

For wigs or toppers, we suggest putting your piece on at home and taking pictures in lots of different lightings to compare. Hair color can look different depending on the environment, so taking photos outside in sunlight and inside in darker lighting can show you a well-rounded perspective on your new hair shade and whether you are happy with it. Many wig-wearers opt to have their pieces professionally tweaked to suit their taste, so even if a piece isn’t your dream hair out-of-the-box, it could be with some small adjustments.

Does my wig or topper fit correctly - how to put on a wig - how to put on a topper - how to measure for a wig - wig size guide

How do I get a natural hairline and parting on my wig or topper?

When purchasing your first luxury hairpiece, you may have really high expectations for what it will look and feel like on your head. Wigs and toppers can get really close to looking like real hair, but they will never be exact. Here are some common first-time concerns and how to handle them.

If you are noticing small hairs that stick up around the parting and scalp of your wig or at the nape, these are called return hairs. These small hairs are not breakage. They’re actually the shorter end of the longer pieces of hair that have been sewn into the wig cap to create your gorgeous piece. All wigs have some return hairs. If noticeable, these hairs can usually be managed and blended into the rest of the hair with some light styling with a hot comb or curling wand, or even a little product; we use the KeraCare styling wax stick.

When I got my first wig, my biggest concern was making the hairline and part line look as natural as possible. If you have visible knots on your piece, these can be camouflaged with a little powder or concealer applied under the part line in a color similar to your skin tone. Visible lace can be melted into the scalp with a little adhesive. Some people also opt to use scar tape under their lace part line to create a similar effect to the realistic scalp of silk tops. Silk top wigs and toppers without lace fronts may require some blending with your bio hair to create the most natural hairline transition, which can be achieved with a little teasing at the hairline, or even by blending your bio hair and hairpiece together with a round brush and a hairdryer.

Ultimately, the right wig or topper for you can still take a bit of effort and styling, but it’s so worth it when you find that piece that makes you feel incredible! We’ve all been at the start of our journey with alternative hair-wearing, and even though it can be nerve-wracking, we promise it will be fun and worthwhile, especially with the right knowledge and positive outlook.



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@Barb, you can try a wig grip, or you can secure your wigs with hair pins.

When I first started wearing a wig, I put wig snaps on them to secure them to my bio hair. The bio hair is now getting thin, very weak and sparse, what do I do to hold my wig on. I don’t think tape or glue will work for me, appreciate any help you can give. Thank you

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