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What is Remy human hair?

What is Remy human hair?

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Do you know what "Remy hair" truly means?

All of the hair featured on Silk or Lace is Remy hair.

The term, Remy or Remi, is used for human hair that has the cuticle layer intact and kept aligned in the same direction. 

It is considered a high quality grade of hair because it feels soft, silky, and does not tangle as easily compared to non-Remy hair. 

Remy hair will also usually last longer than non-Remy hair because it is less processed and has a cuticle barrier that protects the strands from outside pollution, UV rays, and chemicals from bleaching and coloring. 

Things to know about Remy hair:

  • Remy hair is a classification used only for human hair and does not apply to synthetic hair.
  • 100% human hair does not always mean that the hair is Remy. Human hair can be collected from various sources and may need additional chemical processing that strips the cuticle layer from the hair strands, thus not making it Remy hair. 
  • Virgin hair (hair that has not been dyed, bleached, or processed) can be Remy hair and Remy hair can be virgin, but they are not mutually exclusive. 
  • If hair easily tangles and knots out of the box after purchase, the hair likely is not aligned in the same direction and is not Remy hair. Think of hair as combs with tiny Velcro teeth - if the hooks are not facing the same direction, they will collide with each other and cause the hair to tangle. 

How do you know if a wig or hair topper has Remy hair?

Usually the brand or manufacturer will specify if the hair is Remy. However, you should always verify and quality check the hair when you receive a piece.

Run your fingers and a fine comb throughout the entire hair piece to check if there are any snags or tangles that are difficult to smooth out. 

If you are unsure whether a piece has Remy hair, it never hurts to reach out to the brand or manufacturer to double check! 

Remy human hair is long lasting and great for every day wear. It's a little more expensive than non-Remy hair but well worth the investment!

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