What's the Difference Between Silk Top vs. Mono Top for Wigs and Toppers?

It may seem overwhelming when trying to find the best wig or hair topper for you. There are industry terms you may not be familiar with and why each type of material is advantageous (or not) to you. 

One of the most common questions regarding wigs and toppers are:

  • what is a mono base top?
  • what is a silk base top?
  • what are the main pros/cons I should consider between mono and silk base tops?

Mono, or Monofilament Base Tops are made with a semi-transparent mesh into which individual strands of hair are tied in order to mimic natural hair growth. This can be a single or double layer. 

Silk Tops are also individually tied to mimic natural hair growth. However, they are sewn onto an additional layer - a cloth like fabric (the "silk") which makes the scalp and hair part look ultra realistic. 

(top row: mono top example, bottom row: silk top example)


So why do the differences matter?

There are several differences regarding silk vs. mono tops for wigs and hair toppers:

  • Silk tops tend to look more realistic compared to mono and even double mono tops. However, silk tops also tend to be more expensive than mono tops.
  • Because silk tops have an additional layer of fabric, they have less air circulation and feel hotter during warmer days compared to mono top hair pieces. 
  • The extra layer for silk tops add a little thickness in the cap, which may result in the cap not laying as flat against your hairline compared to mono base tops. 


The material that is the right fit for you comes down to a matter of personal preference and budget. You may also decide to own both types for different occasions and seasons as well. Whichever you decide, both types can be great choices for every day wear!

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