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clueless cher costume, carrie horror film costume

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas with Wigs | Featuring our Agenteur Synthetic Wigs

Fall is officially here…which can only mean we are entering the long awaited spooky season and seemingly preparing for all of the Halloween and fall festivities!

What better way to welcome the season than by sharing some inspo for Halloween costumes ranging from classic horror films to nostalgic cartoons everyone grew up watching - here is our list of halloween costume ideas for 2022 wearing our realistic synthetic wigs!

Velma from Scooby Doo 

velma scooby doo costume 2022
Images from Wikipedia and Vogue
Show off your detective skills with Velma this year with our synthetic wig Agent Imani!

Cher from Clueless and Carrie

cher from clueless costume, carrie costume horror film
Images from Instyle and The Vintage News

We all know the classic coming-of-age teen girls Cher and Carrie - channel your inner icon or horror queen using our synthetic wigs Agent Gigi and Agent Piper!

Cassie from Euphoria

cassie euphoria costume
Images from Youtube and TV Insider
Looking for a simple yet flirty costume? Then look no further! Cassie from Euphoria embodies everything girly and is a great option to show off your sweet side using our synthetic wig Agent Gigi!

Barbie and Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

barbie costume 2022, elle legally blonde costume
Images from Pinterest and Movie Stills
If you love the color pink then these two costumes are definitely calling your name. Bring out the empowering feminine energy this year with Barbie and Elle Woods with our synthetic wig Agent Aspen

Maddy from Euphoria and Wednesday Addams

maddy euphoria costume, wednesday addams costume
Images from Hypebae and Vogue

Of course, we had to include the baddest of them all! Maddy and Wednesday are both confident and fearless - the perfect costume to serve on Halloween no matter who you choose using our synthetic wig Agent Cristina!

And there you have it! Our list of Halloween costume ideas with wigs for 2022.

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