Is a wig or hair topper right for me? | Beginner friendly hairpieces and advice for women with hair loss

Should I buy a wig or a hair topper? 

You might guess, we get this question all the time! Ideally, having both in your hair arsenal so you can wear them for different occasions is a pro move, but let’s discuss when it would be best to wear each. 

We recommend hair toppers for those who are in an early stage of hair thinning/hair loss and want to wear a piece that is the same color and length as their own hair. Think of hair toppers as extensions, but with more full coverage on top!

Hair topper tend to feel a little more cool than wigs because you’re not tucking all of your own hair away and the cap coverage is much smaller. This makes a hair topper the perfect piece for a summer day! 

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On the other hand, wigs are best for those who either are bald, buzzed, or have advanced stages of hair thinning and hair loss. When wearing a wig, you tuck away all of your natural hair underneath and create a totally new look. A great choice if you want to wear hair that's a different color and/or length than your own hair!

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When it comes to taking the plunge and getting your first hairpiece the price tag can be intimidating. We have a Resell program that lists lightly worn hairpieces at a discounted price. A great place to start for beginners! 

If you’re still unsure of whether a wig or topper is right for you at this stage in your hair journey, here’s a quick guide! 

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Overall understanding your hair makeup and what you are looking for out of your hairpiece will narrow down what hairpiece is right for you! 


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