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best wig and hair topper deals and discounts

How To Find the Best Wig and Hair Topper Deals and Discounts - Budget Friendly

Are you looking to find a wig or hair topper on a budget and don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Buying a high quality wig or hair topper is definitely an investment  - one that is worth it! And we want to provide you with options that are going to give the best bang for your buck! 


First and foremost, it is important to understand what exactly you’re looking for. The more knowledgeable you are about what type of wig or topper is going to be the right one for you, the better the search will be. It will make it easier for you to scout wigs and hair toppers that are going to be the best option and best hair deal for you.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry! We are always more than happy to help. We have a variety of blogs and guides created for beginners to help jumpstart your journey. Additionally, we provide both virtual and in-person consultations to talk things through with you and guide you in the right direction! 


Once you have a better understanding, you can begin to look for the wig or topper that you need. There are a couple of options that you can look into for hair deals and discounts! Starting with our lightly worn section from Silk or Lace. 

Our lightly worn section provides a variety of wigs and hair toppers from hair sisters all over the world. This platform was designed to provide a new home for wigs and hair toppers that are still in great condition. We approve a variety of brands and types of wigs and hair toppers in a range of styles and colors to provide as much diversity as possible. Through our resell platform, you can find great hair deals at discounted prices. 

Here are some examples of wigs and hair toppers that are budget-friendly: 

Shevy Wigs Topper, "Neutral Dimensional Brunette Balayage" (R998) - $499
brunette balayage lace top european shevy wigs hair topper
Madison Hair Comfort Cap Wig, "Aniston" (R942) - $700
Dark blonde silk top with lace front madison hair collection comfort cap wig

Another way you can find great hair deals and discounts is through boutique brands. 

Most boutique brands were created with intention and purpose to deliver high quality hair wigs and toppers for other fellow hair sisters! In general, you can get better value for a wig or hair topper versus a mass produced larger retail store and brand because of the focus and specialization each boutique brand pays attention to when creating their wigs and hair toppers! 

Here are some examples of wigs that are budget-friendly:

Lavish Locs - Candace (Candy) $500
Lace top brazilian hair red wig
Serenity Wigs and Toppers - Full Wig True European "Summer" - $625
Light brown european silk top wig

Additionally, you can find great high quality hair on a budget by considering synthetic hair. 

There are a variety of brands such as our Agenteur synthetic wig line that provides high quality synthetic hair that looks realistic and natural on a budget. The key here is to do your research! 

Lastly, another great way to find some great hair deals and discounts for high quality wigs and toppers is by finding used wigs and hair toppers on Facebook.

Facebook has quickly become a platform available to sell lightly worn and used items. Our Facebook group has over 10K members who are looking to buy, trade, or sell wigs and hair toppers. You can find different options for high quality wigs and hair toppers at discounted prices! 

There are many choices available to buy high quality wigs and hair toppers on a budget - the main takeaway is to do your research!

It is important to make sure you are choosing the right wig or hair topper for you so being as diligent as possible will only provide better results. 

If there are any questions you'd like to ask us about, email us at contact@silkorlace.com and we would be happy to help!

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