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In-person appointments for now available in Dallas DFW Plano, Texas for wigs and hair toppers!

In-person appointments for now available in Dallas DFW Plano, Texas for wigs and hair toppers!

We are finally open in our Plano, Texas office!

Silk or Lace, founded in Dallas, Texas is now open again for in-person consultations by appointment only. To schedule, email contact@silkorlace.com! Here are a few of our frequently asked questions for an in-person visit:


Which wigs and hair toppers are available in your Plano, Texas location?

We have all of our lightly worn wigs and hair toppers, our Agenteur wigs, and wholesale collection available to try on and purchase in our Plano, Texas location. 

Our "New Pieces" (i.e. pieces fulfilled by our brand partners/affiliates) are not available at this location as they are fulfilled at the brand partner's location. 


How much is an in-person appointment? 

Our 45 minute appointments are completely free with no obligation to purchase!


What can I expect from the appointment?

Prior to the appointment, we'll get some information from you on which types of pieces you're interested in trying and pull them aside for you when you come into our office. 

You'll have a 1:1 appointment with a Silk or Lace staff member who will help you try on the wigs and hair toppers and answer any questions you may have! 

You'll also have the option to purchase on-site and take the piece(s) home with you that day! 


Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my appointment?

Yes, of course! We allow 1 person to come with you to your appointment. This person can accompany you, but we ask that they not try on any pieces themselves so we can dedicate the time to make sure you find what you're looking for! If they are looking to try on wigs and hair toppers, we ask that they request a separate appointment. 


What are your hours for appointments?

We will have time slots available Monday-Thursday from 10-3:30pm. 


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