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The Hair Loss Girl Boss Wig Grip


4 reviews

The Hair Loss Girl Boss Wig Grip combines all of the best wig grip features to create the ultimate grip!
  • It has a lace section so it can be worn under any wig and not have the wig grip show underneath.
  • The sides are tapered making it less bulky behind your ears.
  • The bra strap in back makes the wig grip less bulky and it’s fully adjustable for the perfect fit!
  • The best part is that it has an indicator so you’ll never put your wig grip on backwards again! (The red tab should be positioned on the right side of your head)

Made with soft velvet material and thin but durable lace, this wig grip is great for all skin tones and and those with or without hair. This wig grip can be used with both human hair and synthetic wigs. 


Will the lace wig grip fit me?

This wig grip fits head sizes between 20-23.5 inches.

What is your return policy?

All wig grip orders are final sale.

How can I learn more about the brand?

You can find more information on Instagram @hairlossgirlboss!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Judy B

The seam makes dents in my skin.

Amanda Kern
Super comfy

I hate things digging into my head and this was SO COMFY. All day wear with no headache. I love it.

Life changing

I have been trying to transition from wearing toppers to wigs and i was not getting the hang of it. I just put on this wig grip and it was easier to put the wig on for some reason and it felt so much more secure too!! So glad i got this!!

Mrs Rogers
No slip wig grip!

This grip provides the least nape slippage of any I’ve tried (even other velour grips). Not sure what kinda magic she’s got going here, but this one definitely works best for me! So easy to order on Silk or Lace!