Shipment, Checkout, and Returns

When will my order ship?

We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. We try to ship in stock items within 2-3 business days.

Once shipped, average shipping times are 2-5 days within the U.S. and 6-30 days for the international shipments. Tracking numbers are updated within 1 day after your order has been shipped. 

Help! I want to change my order! What do I do?

Please email immediately with your order number and the changes you'd like to make to your order.

Although we cannot guarantee that we'll catch your order in time before it enters processing, we will try our absolute best to make the requested changes.

Can I use more than one promo/gift code on an order?

No. Unless explicitly noted, customers may use one promo/gift code per order.

What is your return and exchange policy?

At this time, Silk or Lace accepts returns only, no exchanges. 

All returns are subject to the Brand Affiliate's policies. Please refer to the below links for each brand's policy as there may be return/restocking fees associated with your order.

Serenity Wigs & Toppers

Toss Hair Collection

The Hair Mama

Rediscover Hair

Sayar Wigs

McKenna Wigs

Bijoux Wigs

Dejaco Hair

To make a return, visit your account profile and select the order you wish to return/exchange. Click "Return" and follow the instructions to complete the request.

Please pay attention to the address that is on your file as any other address used will put your item at risk for getting lost in the mail, sent to the wrong company, or delaying your refund.

Any odor on your wig will render it ineligible for return or exchange, or it may be subject to an additional restocking fee. 

The Brand Affiliate shall be the sole arbitrator to determine if a wig has been altered in any way from its original condition and if it is returnable.

Please allow 4-5 business days for your exchange/return to be processed from the time it is received by the Brand Affiliate.


Maintenance and Products

How do I measure my head to find my topper and/or wig size?

There are many different ways on how to measure your head for your wig and/or hair topper. 

For wigs, we recommend taking a flexible tape measurer and measure from the hairline at the center of your head.

Then, wrap the tape measurer around to the nape of your head and then back around until you reach the center of your hairline. 

how to measure head for wigs

For hair toppers, we recommend taking a flexible tape measurer and measuring side to side up until the point where your head starts to curve.

Then, measure from front to back, starting from your hairline to where the back of your head curves back. 

Tip for hair toppers: for each measurement, make sure you have enough hair in that area for clips to grab and hold. If you hair is sparse and/or weak in that area, move the tape measurer down until you reach a point where you have healthy hair. 

measure your head for a hair topper 

Where can I get help to color match my hair piece?

Color matching can be tricky because hair color can look very different with lighting and location (indoor/outdoor). We suggest making sure you take a selfie in similar lighting to the product picture to ensure a good color match. If you would like further help, please reach out to the Brand Affiliate directly.


What does size S, M, L measure for wigs?

This differs from brand to brand, which is almost always posted on the detail section of each product page. If you have any questions, please reach out to and we are happy to help!


For Sayar Wigs, the wig sizings are as follows:

Small: 13" (ear to ear), 13.5" (front to nape), 20.5" (circumference)

Medium: 13.5" (ear to ear), 13.75" (front to nape), 21" (circumference)

Large: 13.75" (ear to ear), 14" (front to nape), 22" (circumference)

Extra Large: 14" (ear to ear), 14.5" (front to nape), 23" (circumference)



How do you choose which brands are included in Silk or Lace?

Silk or Lace is currently an invitation only marketplace that features best-in-class, high quality hair piece brands.

Brand Affiliates undergo in-depth screenings to ensure hair quality, customer service, and inventory meet Silk or Lace standards. 


Will you be adding on more brands to Silk or Lace in the future?

Yes! If you are interested in joining the Silk or Lace community as a brand affiliate, please fill out our vendor form.