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A Look at Madison Wigs - A High Quality Human Hair Wig Brand

A Look at Madison Wigs - A High Quality Human Hair Wig Brand

Finding and purchasing a human hair wig or topper for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least. We understand the time it takes and how big of an investment it can be. 

Whether you have hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia or you just switch up the color of your hair - finding the best human hair wig or topper is going to take some research. 

In this blog, we are going over a high quality brand, Madison Wigs (a.k.a Madison Hair Collection), to help jumpstart your search for your perfect hair wig or topper!

Madison Wigs was founded with the “mission to help every woman experiencing hair loss feel more comfortable in her situation”

The brand has various collections like: lace top wigs, silk top wigs, hair toppers, active sports and fitness wigs, and more! 

You can learn more about each type of cap constructions for hair pieces here. 

In our Resell Silk or Lace section, a section of lightly worn human hair wigs and hair toppers at discounted prices - we mostly see lace top wigs, silk top lace front wigs and hair toppers from Madison Wigs. So let’s get into each type!

Madison Lace Top Wigs

Madison Wigs has two types of lace top wigs: comfort cap lace top wigs and luxury cap lace top wigs. 

lace top wig

The biggest difference to note is that the luxury cap lace wigs feature velvet lining on the ear tabs, crown and nape and the comfort cap lace wigs feature silicone lining on the ear tabs, crown and nape. Both were created to be able to be worn with or without bio hair and to be comfortable and lightweight for anyone. Take a look at the Madison's Wigs lace top wigs we have available here. 

Madison Silk Top Wigs 

All of Madison’s silk top wigs in their comfort cap collection are going to have a silk to lace front transition. We always say that a silk top, lace front wig is the best of both worlds! You get a realistic looking scalp from the silk top paired with a natural looking and flat hairline from the lace front. 

silk top wig madison wigs

This cap construction is similar to their lace top comfort cap construction as it also has silicone lining on the ear tabs, crown and nape. Inside of the cap you will also find soft t-shirt-like fabric designed to help regulate your temperature and be as comfortable as possible. You can shop the silk top lace front Madison wigs we have in stock here.

Madison Wigs Hair Toppers 

Madison Wigs redesigned their silk top hair toppers to be the ultimate comfort cap! Silk top hair toppers work best for someone with early stages of hair loss and thinning. We recommend a hair topper if you have more than one inch of existing hair on the top of your head to attach to the hair topper and be able to blend into the hairline. 
silk top hair topper madison wigs

Madison Wigs has an amazing variety of colors to choose from (note: a hair topper is best worn when it matches your current hair color) as well as both wavy hair and straight hair textures to select from. 
You can shop all Madison’s hair toppers we have in stock here! 

And there you have it! A closer look into the high quality brand that is Madison Wigs (a.k.a. Madison Hair Collection)!


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